Who can enroll a student?

    • A biological parent, unless we have been presented with court paperwork restricting this right
    • A legal, court appointed guardian or managing conservator with court paperwork designating this right
    • An adult granted temporary custody of the child by CPS
    • A foster parent granted the right to care for the child by the state
    • An adult specifically granted the authority for making educational decisions through power of attorney signed by a biological parent or legal guardian and notarized
    • An adult designated as a voluntary adult caregiver in a State of Texas Authorization Agreement that is signed by a biological parent and notarized
    • A student who is 18 can self-enroll

    If your student’s last educational setting was a non-accredited homeschool or private school, please contact the middle school your child is zoned to attend.  The middle school will register your son/daughter and schedule CBE testing to ensure readiness for 9th grade curriculum. 

    If your student is interested in adding band, cross country, football, or volleyball to his/her schedule, please contact the coach/director listed below for approval. 


    Director Biskup


    Cross Country

    Coach Cook    



    Coach Sartor  



    Coach Siegel



    Lt Col Dave Hansen, Retired  



    Enrollment cannot be completed without these items.  Please bring them to your enrollment appointment:

    • Proof of Residency
    • Birth Certificate
    • Social Security Card (if available)
    • Immunization Records
    • Withdrawal from prior school (not needed for summer enrollments)
    • Transcript/report card from prior school (student copy is fine as official records will be requested)
    • Parent/Guardian’s Driver License or Photo ID 

    Other documents that may be required:

    • IF PARENTS ARE DIVORCED OR SEPARATED, documents with the most current child custody information are required.
    • IF YOU ARE RESIDING WITH ANOTHER PERSON, the primary resident must go with you to LISD Community Services to obtain a residency affidavit. A current proof of residency along with a copy of the resident ID and parent/guardian ID is required.  Community Services is located at 1565 West Main St., Lewisville.  For additional information, please contact them at 469-713-5206.
    • IF THE STUDENT ATTENDED A PRIVATE SCHOOL, accreditation information should be provided. This information is available from the school registrar.
    • IF YOU ARE COMING FROM A FOREIGN COUNTRY, the student MUST have all required immunizations and a current tuberculosis test before they are able to register. This test must have been administered within 2-3 months prior to enrollment. Without proof of this test, the student’s start date will be delayed.  For information on receiving this test, please contact the Denton County Health Department at (972) 434-4700.  Students coming from Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Western Europe are exempt from the tuberculosis test requirement.
    • IF THE STUDENT HAS BEEN HOME SCHOOLED, all immunizations must be current. Home Schooled students must have utilized an accredited curriculum.  If the curriculum is not accredited, the student will have to take exams to obtain credit to ensure readiness for FM9 curriculum.

    STEP 2 – COMPLETE ONLINE ENROLLMENT (if student has never been enrolled within LISD)

    • Go to LISD Enrollment to complete online enrollment application.
    • New Student Online Enrollment must be completed prior to scheduling an enrollment appointment.

    If your child has previously been enrolled within LISD in the last year, you do not need to complete Step 2 - Online Enrollment.  If you are re-enrolling a student that was previously at ANY LISD school at ANY time, please contact me so that I may request the student’s file from their previous LISD school prior to your enrollment appointment. 

    STEP 3 – Scheduling Registration Appointments During the School Year

    Once you have gathered all necessary documents and submitted the online application (if required), please contact Kristy DeNisi, Registrar at 972-219-6109 to schedule an enrollment appointment.  During the school year, students enrolling before 11 am are eligible to start school that day.  Students enrolling after 11 am will start the following day.                              


    STEP 3 – Scheduling Summer Registration Appointments for the Next School Year

    Contact Kristy DeNisi at 972-219-6109 or Kathi Keane, FM9 Campus Secretary at 972-219-6105 to schedule your appointment.   Please ensure that you have gathered all necessary documents and submitted the online application (if required) prior to requesting an appointment.  

    Registration appointments scheduled during the summer will be followed by a meeting with your student’s counselor to select classes for the upcoming school year.  If your student’s counselor is not available when you come in to register, a separate appointment will be scheduled.