• Science Olympiad

    Sponsors: Ms. Franks, Ms. Marlow, and Ms. McBride

    Time: Practices will start mid-September. Students will schedule times.
    Students had to turn in their permission slips by Sept 26, 2022 to be in Science Olympiad.  Committments to competitions in March and April are required. Please see below.

    Science Olympiad is an academic sport that revolves around science knowledge dealing with Chemistry, Physics, Medicine, Earth Science, and Engineering.  There are 23 STEM events students can compete in including: 

    Anatomy and Physiology
    Circuit Lab
    Crime Busters
    Density Lab
    Disease Detectives
    Dynamic Planet
    Elastic Launched Glider
    Experimental Design
    Food Science
    Game On         
    Machines - Simple & Compound
    Mission Possible
    Mousetrap Vehicle
    Ping Pong Parachute
    Reach for the Stars
    Road Scholar
    Water Quality                                     
    Write It Do It

    Students are expected to come in at least once a week to practice on several events.   Towards the end of October, there may be a test given to choose who will be doing what event.  We will decide on the 2 teams at that time. 

    We are able to have 2 teams compete with 15 people per team. In the event that we win at regionals, only 1 team may go to State Competition.  

    That means that the team with the highest points will represent us at State if we go. 

    Regional Competition: Northlake Community College in March. If we advance, we will go to the State Competition. 

    State Competition: Texas A&M University in April.  Parents MUST accompany students to this competition.