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  • Nurse’s Corner


    Summer 2019



    I am off for the summer and will return Tuesday, August 6, 2019.


    Incoming 7thGraders - Shots


    The Meningococcal (MCV4) and Tdap/Td (within the last five years), or an exemption affidavit is required to attend 7thgrade. 


    Not sure you turned it in?  You can access the shot record LISD has on file for your child through the Skyward Parent Portal. 

    Still need to provide an updated shot record? Email ( or fax (214-626-1793) it to me ASAP.  I will try to check my email over the summer break and email parents when I receive the record.  Otherwise, I will review shot records and notify parents when I return.


    Incoming 6thGraders


    Get a jump on next year! Shot recordswith the required 7thgrade shots (Tdap and MCV4) may be turned in now and throughout this year.  Most 6thgraders have received them or will receive them this year at their annual physicals.  Consider getting the HPV9 immunization, too. This is not required but is highly effective in preventing several kinds of cancer. 

    Check with your doctor to get a copy of your shot record to turn in to Forestwood.  Email ( or fax (214-626-1793) it to me.  Thanks!


    Medication at School

    Start Now!!... If your child will need medication at school there is a form for that.

    Forms are available at left underMedication at School. They are specific to what type of medication your child will need at school and whether s/he will carry it or it will be kept in the clinic. Please read and complete the forms in Julyto avoid delay in getting to the doctor and/or pharmacist.  Check to make sure the medication is not expired and is in the original container with the correct (prescription or OTC) label. J

    Turn in the medication and forms early!

    Appointments with the nurseare available the week before school starts for anymedication kept in the clinic and emergency medication (EpiPens and Diabetic meds) carried by a student.  Both parent and student should attend this appointment with the medication and completed form(s).  Sign-up dates and information will be emailed later this summer.

    StudentswithInhalers:  Fax or email me an Emergency Medication Self-Carry Agreement completed by your parent and doctor.  I will call you to my office during the first two weeks of school to review and sign-off on Section C.  Until we meet, be sure to carry a copy of the form with your inhaler and spacer. 

    Spinal Screening:7thGrade Girls and 8thGrade Boys


    Screening will be done during athletic and PE classes.  Advance notice with the date and details will be sent to parents.  You have the option of having this screening done by your child’s doctor and providing me the results.  The screening form and information is on the FMS website Nursepage. 


    LIONS CLUB needs your HELP!

    Donate your used glasses.

    Drop them in the Collection Boxes @ FMS

    At Orientation and throughout the year



    It’s mighty hot outside.  So, don’t forget to….

    Slip on a shirt, Slop on Sunscreen,

    Slap on a Broad Brimmed Hat and

    Wrap on Sunglasses.

    Make friends with your hat

    Protect your face

    Spend time in the shade and

    Drink Water!


    Take a look at this entertaining video.


    Have a Great Summer!  See you in August.