• Practicum in Health Science
    "After taking clinical rotations, I gained skills that have helped me in my college career.  After taking clinical rotations I walked into my college career with a clear image of what I wanted to do in my life.Through clinical rotations I learned how to act in the professional world, gained some medical shadowing experience, and left high school with a clear goal in my mind.  In the first semester of clinical rotations we are taught all aspects of the medical field, such as medical terminology, insurance, the body systems, and we become CPR certified.  In the second semester of clinical rotations, we as students, are allowed to shadow certain areas of the medical field (such as in hospitals, ambulances, fire departments, etc.).  When put into the field I was required to act on a certain level, no teacher or adult was there to walk me through each step.  I walked into clinical rotations knowing I was interested in the medical field, but I walked out knowing how to get there."
    -Katherine Wee, current student at University of Texas Austin.
    "Being in the Clinical Rotation class at Dale Jackson made a huge impact on my life.  The class was taught in a college style setting.  Instead of just memorizing the notes we took in class, Dr. Handzel made the test a hands on experience, so that we would have to apply our knowledge in real life situations.  By having to apply my knowledge of material, only helped me prepare for college life.  The actual Clinic aspect of the class helped me discover what I wanted my career path to be.  I visited various clinical settings and eventually found the one that spoke to me.  At the end of the class, Dr. Handzel had us do a project that made another impact on my life.  In the project, we had to research our career path and make an estimate of how much we would make a month.  Then, from there, we had to calculate the standard of living and subtract it from the how much we made each month.  This project opened my eyes to how much life cost and showed me how to budget.  This class was the best class I have ever taken and would not be in the position I am in now without it."
    -Camara Ayers, current student at Texas Tech.
    Dr. Handzel's class has shaped my educational career in so many ways.  I went to her class knowing I wanted to go into medicine, and came out knowing exactly what I wanted to do for my life.  The field experience that this class provides is in no way comparable to anything else you can find as a high school student.  It is unique in that it accommodates to almost all areas of medicine, allowing students to explore many different careers in medicine.  I just applied to nursing school last week, and the most important question they ask is if we know and understand the field of nursing, and they were very impressed by what I had to say...thanks to Dr. Handzel's class.  Other aspects of this class that have been extremely helpful are medical terminology, the CPR training, and the personal testimonies from her career in medicine.  I am very thankful that I have gotten the experience I did in her class that semester.
    -Elizabeth Mize, current student at Texas A&M