Art Club will now be offered in rotations during the school day to 3rd, 4th, & 5th-grade students. Please take a look at the schedule below for dates. Sign-up opportunities will be sent out via an email blast and with all students during the first few weeks of school. For more detailed questions, please contact Mrs. James, Art Teacher

    We will be using a variety of media and each young artist will be getting extra studio time in the art room to work on more advanced projects. In order to purchase supplies, it cost $20 to join the art club.

    You must apply online to join and only the first 20 students will be accepted into Art Club.

    Art Club applicants should:
    - Have a history of working creatively
    - Take artwork seriously
    - Enjoy discussing artwork with others
    - Work well as a team
    - Have good art studio habits and behaviors
    - Be interested in trying different types of art projects
    - Be focused on completing projects
    - Be a student in good standing in all subjects


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