Welcome to Lewisville Learning Center

  • We are a unique campus that has the privilege of working with students at all levels, K-12, in a supportive and evolutionary time in their educational process.

    Our staff is specifically selected and developed to support the many needs of our students. The impact this campus has on the seven different communities of Lewisville ISD can be an effective asset to our students’ development. As educators, it is our responsibility to meet all students’ individual needs, regardless of where they are, and to help them to progress through their developmental years to become productive members of society in an ever-changing world. Through building relationships, processing decisions of the present and identifying future paths to success, the staff of LLC has specifically chosen a career that is dedicated to helping students and the LISD community to create paths of readiness for the future.

    Our campus is fortunate to house several different educational opportunities to meet the varied needs of our district. One constant is the expectation and drive that all members of the campus (students, staff, parents and community) possess: all students should have the opportunity to find their personal path to success in their future.

    As we all work together to help students realize their own success, our staff supports students and encourages them to be proud of their educational path and have confidence that although it may be different from others, everyone is still able to achieve academic successes and lifelong learning if they choose to. This ultimately empowers students to grow as individuals, as well as helping guide them to find their passion for their own future.

    It is the privilege of the teachers, staff and administration of LLC to serve the students, parents and community members of LISD.

    Thank you for your support of our students,

    Angie Deaton