• Library





    LISD Library Mission Statement

    The LISD Libraries are the center of collaborative learning, providing an up-to-date print and electronic information-rich environment.  LISD librarians deliver professional services that support the curriculum and the school community in a constantly changing, knowledge-based society.


    Libraries are essential to the creation of students who are:

    • Passionate about learning and reading
    • Effective problem solvers
    • Critical and analytical thinkers
    • Proficient communicators
    • Voracious and discerning consumers of information
    • Successful world citizens


  • Onsite and/Virtual Office Hours 

               Monday-Friday  7:45 a.m.-4:30 p.m 


    Phone: 469-948-7637




         Books may be checked out for ten school days.

         Books may be renewed as many times as needed unless there is a hold on the book.

         Students are encouraged to return books by the due date so others may also enjoy the books.

         Take care of our books so more people can enjoy them!