At Forestwood, our vision is of a learning community that challenges all members to reach their individual potentials and prepares them to realize their unique roles in a 
    caring community.


    At Forestwood, we strive to provide an education that is in line with the best thinking and practice about how people learn. As educators we:
    • Think carefully about what we ask our students to do. 
    • Honor children, work hard to find out what they already know, and progress from that point. 
    • Create an environment that feels like a caring community. 
    • Take students seriously. 
    • Believe students are serious and learn with and from one another. We guide our students as they work together in a nurturing and safe environment. 
    • Emphasize deep understanding. 
    • Try to imagine how things look from the child’s point of view, envisioning what lies behind his or her questions and mistakes. 
    • Are focused on determining what students need and where their interests lie. 
    • Pose problems, ask questions and welcome mistakes. 
    • Help children think for themselves, facilitating learning rather than simply providing information. 
    • Approach education in a thoughtful, deliberate and deep manner. 
    • Develop our lessons carefully with the understanding that student-centered instruction leads to authentic learning. 
    • Strive for innovative approaches to teaching that lead to meaningful and enduring learning.