Indian Creek's Motto

  • "Doing Your Best is the Key to Success"

    Mission Statement

    Students, staff, and community design and implement a safe, engaging, and nurturing learning organization to build a strong foundation for students' personal growth.


    Indian Creek is a community that works collaboratively to develop lifelong learners, build meaningful relationships, and place value on each other’s cultures and individual strengths.

    Core Beliefs

    At Indian Creek Elementary, we:

    ·       Build relationships with all students to support social-emotional and academic skills

    ·       Value students' experiences and cultures

    ·       Believe parent and community support increases student engagement

    ·       Believe every child has the ability to learn

    ·       Value risk-taking

    ·       Recognize students for their social and academic achievements

    ·       Work collaboratively as a staff to support ALL students

District Vision, Mission, Beliefs & Goals

  • Vision

    • All of our students enjoy thriving, productive lives in a future they create.


    • Students, staff and community design and implement a learning organization that provides engaging, innovative experiences every day.

    Core Beliefs

    We believe:

    • Every student is uniquely capable and deserves to be challenged each day.
    • Uninhibited learning depends on a safe, nurturing, inclusive and flexible environment.
    • An educated citizenry is essential for equal opportunity and a prosperous society.
    • Meaningful and relevant work engages students in profound learning.
    • Critical thinking and problem solving today are necessary for students to be equipped for future challenges.
    • Genuine transformation requires disruptive innovation.
    • Education is the shared responsibility of the community.


    We will:

    • Provide all learners with safe, nurturing, inclusive and flexible learning environments. (Digital Learning Environment)
    • Engage learners through the use of technological tools to access, create and share content as well as collaborate with other learners throughout the world. (Digital Learning Environment)
    • Reframe state readiness standards in a way that leads to profound learning and has meaning and value for students. (Learning Standards)
    • Create flexible systems that result in a learning organization supported by innovative and engaged staff. (Organizational Transformation)
    • Continuously involve our diverse community, staff and students to use their strengths, resources and talents to provide engaging, innovative experiences for all learners. (Partnership)
    • Develop and implement meaningful, varied assessments that inform and inspire students and educators for continuous improvement and growth in a way that transforms learning and teaching. (Assessments)
    • Design an accountability system that transcends state/national mandates and reflects local values and expectations. (Accountability)