• Dear Parents,

    Safety of you and your children is the highest priority, and your help is needed. We have received significant input on morning and afternoon traffic, and would greatly appreciate you reading and following the procedures below. Working together, we can understand why changes have been made, and what procedures should be followed. We know the loops take time to navigate, and we sincerely ask your patience. For your reference, the traffic loop map is here: Traffic Flow Map

    Traffic Loop Procedures

    • Drive extremely slow and with great caution. 
    • Never use any application on your cell phone in a school zone including texting.
    • If you are in either loop, stay in your car. 
    • Please pull all the way forward in the loop.
    • Students need to exit and enter the car independently on the passenger side so they don't walk between cars.
    • If you park and walk up to collect your student, use the parking lot and crosswalks. Do not walk between cars in the loops.
    • In the loop, never back up or peel out. 
    • Be patient as there are more cars than space. 
    • Consider car-pooling or bus service.


    Traffic Loops 24-25

    For more information, please see the frequently asked questions here:

    Q) What happened to Ridgeland being “one way” and traffic all flowing in one direction?

    A) We worked with the City of Frisco trying to officially make this change, but we were unsuccessful. Ridgeland Drive was built as a two-way street and will remain a two-way street. Additionally, LISD Safety and Security office agreed with the city that we did not have the authority keep cars from turning West on Ridgeland. Thus, the traffic pattern of years past no longer exists.


    Q) What happened to the crossing guard directing traffic to help cars flow?

    A) The practice of the crossing guard directing traffic was challenged, and we learned that the crossing guard is hired for students crossing the street, not for traffic control.


    Q) Why do some parents get out of their car in the loop at drop off?

    A) We’re not sure. We prefer students to exit or enter the cars on the passenger side without assistance. The loop runs faster if parents stay in their car.


    Q) At pick up, why do parents park their car in the K/1 loop?

    A) We’re not sure. If parents want to park and pick up their student directly from the teacher area, we understand that. However, you should never park in the loop as it blocks flow until you leave.


    Q) Why do parents who park walk their kids between cars in the loop?

    A ) We’re not sure. This was the largest concern of the LISD Safety and Security officer who visited last week. This is a safety issue and needs to be corrected. All parents who park and walk up to collect their children should cross back to the parking area in the painted crosswalk area only.


    Q) What’s this I hear about adding concrete and a fence?

    A) Yes, we are working with LISD Safety and Security office and our PTA to pour concrete in the current grassy K/1 dismissal area with a 3ft. high wrought iron fence. The fence will be aesthetically pleasing and ensure foot traffic is routed to the crossing areas. We hope to have the project completed in the Spring.


    Q) Will you make K/1 signs with our children’s names on it to help with pick up for our cars?

    A) Sure. Mrs. Rehfuss will make signs for your cars and look at teacher procedures to continue to improve the process.


    THANK YOU!!! We appreciate your patience.