1.  I teach each class once a month throughout the school year on various topics:  self-esteem, how to make friends, problem-solving, etc.  I will also teach more classes upon teacher request if there is a special topic that needs to be addressed.  If your child comes home taking about "acting", it is probably when we role-played during my class.  I try to make my classes informative and fun!
    2.  I meet with small groups of students as needed for approximately 6 sessions.  We work on issues that those students have in common:  divorce, making friends, stress, being new to the school.  I schedule the group at a time and day when the teacher feels it will not interfere with learning.  If your child is asked to be in a group, I will send home permission to be signed which will have all the information on it.  
    3  I see students individually when a parent, teacher, or administrator requests it.  If you (or a staff member) want me to see your child on a regular basis for six sessions, I will send home a permission note.  Again, it will be at a time that is designated by the teacher.
    4.  I see students during what would be considered by them (or a teacher) as a "crisis situation".  He/she may experience separation anxiety one morning, be upset about a friend, have a sick pet, or be extremely stressed one day at school.  If it is a situation that needs my attention more than one time, I will either call you, the parent, or send a permission note home to be signed.
    5.  I am available for parent calls and/or conferences.  I can be at conferences with you and your child's teacher upon request.  I have many parent resources for information.  If needed, I can also give you referrals to counselors/therapists outside the school district.
    6.  I am here to collaborate with teachers, staff, and administrators in an effort to ensure your child's school success.
    I am here to help you, so please feel free to contact me!