Students Technology Guide


    Students Technology Guide


    FM9 Usernames & Passwords

    Students, each year your username should be last initial, first initial, ID number.  Example: aa12345678.  At the beginning of each year, your password is reset to your ID number.  Example: 12345678  However, you have a limited amount of time to change your password before the district resets it to something that is more secure.


    To change your password:

    • From any web browser, type in to change your password
    • You must have three of these four requirements 1 - uppercase letter, 2 - lowercase letter, 3 - number, and 4 - special character


    If you forget your password:

    • Any of your teachers can reset your password, or visit the library


    Tools you will need to access:

    • Learning Hub 
      • Learning Hub to access Canvas
      • Google Apps
      • Skyward
    • Common Apps to download for the iPad:
      • Canvas
      • Skyward
      • Google Drive
      • Google Classroom
      • Sora

    Need more help or have a question? Visit the library!