Student Technology


    Student Username and Password


    FM9 Usernames & Passwords

    Students, each year your username should be last initial, first initial, ID number.  Example: Jane Doe's username would be dj12345678.  If you are a newly enrolled student and need access to your LISD password, please call the LISD HelpDesk at (972) 350-1833 or contact the campus librarian.

    To change your password:

    • From any web browser, type in to change your password
    • You must have three of these four requirements 1 - uppercase letter, 2 - lowercase letter, 3 - number, and 4 - special character

     If you forget your password:

    • Any of your teachers can reset your password, or visit the library


    Student Technology Tools:


    • Learning Hub 
      • Learning Hub to access Canvas
      • Google Apps
      • Skyward
    • Common Apps to download for the iPad:
      • Canvas
      • Skyward
      • Google Drive
      • Google Classroom
      • Sora

    Need more help or have a question? Visit the library!

  • Student Google Apps

    All students in Lewisville ISD have access to Google Apps upon enrolling.  This gives them access to the Google Apps for education including Gmail, Documents, Slides and more. 

    Student Access

    To access the Google Apps for education, students may login to the Learning Hub using any internet connected device or they may download the appropriate apps onto their 1:X device.  Students may also go Student Resources, and select Google Apps.


    To login to their student LISD account, students should see Students Technology Guide at the top of the page.