Frequently Asked Questions

  • Classroom Supply Lists

    • Where can I find the classroom supply lists for FM9?

    FM9 students will discover what each teacher requires for their class when they go to class on the first day. On the first day, students just need to have a writing utensil and a notebook.

    Driver's Education

    • Where do I find information for Driver’s Education?

    You can find Driver’s Education information here


    The best and easiest way for a parent is to call or email their student's Attendance Clerk. A note sent with student will also work. Your student will be given or sent a pass to leave class, at the appropriate designated time, they will sign out with attendance, and then exit through the front doors to your waiting car. 

    You can also come into front office, fill out a green form, identify yourself and your student will be called out of class, sign out, and exit the same way.  This takes the most time, especially if your child is in athletics that period or on the Main Campus.

    Upon return to school, send a note from Doctor, Dentist, etc. There is no need for you to come in. Always send a note or email even if it is for personal reasons.

    **If your student is on FMHS campus at some point during the day, you still must check them out at FM9.


    Please check with the nurse for prescription medications that need to be given at school.

    Students may carry over the counter medication in secondary school.  The over the counter medication needs to be in its original container.  The student is required to have a parent/guardian note state that he/she is allowed to self -carry and self- administer.  Students are not allowed to “share” over the counter medications with other students. 

    Item Drop Off

    • How to I drop off an item for my child at school?

    Students forget items at home. Technology, lunch, books, and homework. Should you choose to bring these items to school for them- here are some guidelines. All are subject to any changes in security.

    For any of these items, there is a sign in sheet in the front foyer of FM9. Please sign in the item. Any valuables or cash should be left with the person at the Reception desk.

    We do not deliver items to class. You may text or email your student and let them know you have delivered the item.

    **We do not accept any food deliveries from outside agencies such as Door Dash or Uber eats. You may not bring food or drink for anyone other than your student. Parent or Guardian only should be delivering anything. You may not eat in the Cafeteria with your student.

    Bus Information

    • Where do I find bus information?

    You can find bus information here.  At that website, you can type in your address and find the bus numbers and pick up/ delivery times. There are also contact numbers to reach the bus company personnel and dispatch.

    If your child wants to ride a bus home with a friend, send a note to your student’s attendance clerk stating your permission to ride with named student.