• Maverick Men FAQs

    1. What is Mavs Men?
      1. Mavs Men, which was formally Watch DOGS, is a program for father figures who volunteer at the school.

    2. Why do we need Father figures at the school?
      1. There are many benefits to having the program. It creates a sense of added security at the school in addition to an extra pair of eyes to reduce bullying, the Mav Man can get a small glimpse of what their child’s day is like, and overall the Mavs men provide a positive role model to the students.

    3. What Happened to Watch DOGS?
      1. There was a change during the end of the year last year with the national office and we felt there was a better opportunity for us to rebrand and cater it to our Memorial Elementary school. It’s a similar program but just a different name!

    4. What can I expect to do when I volunteer?
      1. When you volunteer for the half or full day, you will arrive at the school and announce yourself with your student. So the whole school knows that a Mavs man is on campus for the day! Then you will help mainly with drop off/carpool, lunch/recess duty, and within the classrooms and specials including your own student’s class throughout the day. The Mavs Men Coordinator will try their best to customize the daily schedule to your student’s schedule. So you can experience and be with your student during lunch/recess and their classroom. The set schedule will be provided to you in the morning which will guide you through the day.

    5. What can I bring?  Do I need to wear anything special?
      1. You are welcome to bring in your coffee/tea, refillable water bottle, and lunch/snack. Lunch can be also available at the cafeteria if you wish, but you will have to make sure you notify the Mavs Men Coordinator so we can promptly notify the cafeteria.
        A Mavs men shirt will be provided to you once you sign up and receive the voly verification. This will help easily identify yourself to all the students and faculty who the Mavs Man is for the day.

    6. My work schedule doesn’t allow me to help during a full or half day, but I still want to volunteer. Can I still be a part of the Mavs Men program?

    Yes, of course you can! We are always looking for volunteers at school and PTA events that are after school hours or on special days. Please keep in touch with your Mavs Men Coordinator to make sure you are on the proper mailing lists to be able to be notified for volunteer opportunities.