Welcome Mavs Men (formerly Watch DOGS)! 


    We here at Memorial are very excited to introduce the Mavs Men program to our Memorial Mavericks! Our Mavs Men are male figures that include but aren’t limited to Fathers, stepfathers, uncles, grandfathers, and father figures! The Benefits of having Mavs Men at the school is : 1)  A male presence at the school provides a positive role model for the students; 2) an additional set of eyes and ears to provide a sense of additional security and reduce bullying.  Mavs Men can volunteer at the school or school related events to get a glimpse of their student’s everyday life. 


    We hope you can join us and become a Memorial Mavs Men! Let’s go Mavericks!


    If you are interested in learning more information or signing up please click here


    All  volunteers must be voly checked, please click here for start your Voly Background application. Once voly is completed and approved, you are ready to sign up for a time slot to come on campus. Sign up times will be released after our main kick off event during the fall or spring time. Keep a lookout for emails regarding sign ups! 


    On your Mavs Men day, you will be announced to the whole campus along with your student for everyone to know who the Mavs Man is for the day! You can expect to learn about the school and get to know a lot about what your student experiences in a day. Be prepared to be active and involved and most of all have fun. ALL the students will be happy to see you and excited to show (and tell) you all the things! 


    You are expected to wear your own Mavs men shirt! Once signed up and your voly application is verified, your shirt will be provided! 


    If you have any questions please email the Mavs men coordinator at Memorialdogs@gmail.com