Should I Have My Student Tested for G/T & G/T Characteristics

  • Should I have my student tested for giftedness?

    Students with gifted and talented abilities often display advanced characteristics, as compared with students of the same age.   If several G/T characteristics are observed on a regular basis over time, Gifted and Talented testing should be considered in order to identify possible educational needs and provide appropriate services.

    What are G/T Characteristics?

    Students with gifted and talented abilities often display some of the following characteristics:

    • Advanced Language: Uses advanced language compared to peers. Enjoys telling detailed stories.  Has large storehouse of information and extensive vocabulary. Expressive. Makes comparisons to explain relationships.
    • Analytical Thinking: Has a high level of problem-solving and reasoning skills.  Aware. Observes surroundings intensely and is attentive to details in the environment. Understands complex ideas and thoughts. Sees patterns. Thinks deeply.
    • Meaning Motivation: Curious.  Asks questions to make sense of rules and relationships.  Generates original solutions to problems. Persistent in areas of interest. Creates unique products and innovations. Makes unexpected connections.
    • Perspective: Understands different points of view.  Insightful.  Values fairness.  Sees the “bigger picture.”  Creative when solving problems or looking for solutions. Demonstrates complex perspective in work.
    • Sense of Humor: Understands and uses subtle nuances of language.  Highly creative, fun loving, witty. Experiments with language figuratively for humorous effect. Unusual imagination.
    • Sensitivity: Empathetic. Internalizes others feelings and emotions. Shows awareness of problems that others may not recognize. Exhibits concern for world issues. Cares deeply. Extensive memory about people and conversations.
    • Accelerated Learning: Learns quickly.  Large storehouse of information.  Sees patterns in procedures, experiences, ideas. Sees logical and common sense answers.  Performs better with more challenging or complex tasks.