Safety & Security Program

  • In Lewisville ISD, we believe it is important for parents, staff and students to know about the many security procedures the district has in place to ensure the safety of our more than 52,000 students and 6,000 employees.

    Regular Safety Drills and Procedures

    LISD has implemented Standard Response Protocols, which is part of a nationwide effort to simplify and standardize emergency response in schools. Students and staff are trained in accordance to this system and regular drills are conducted.

    All LISD campuses conduct an evacuation drill at least once a month. In addition to the monthly evacuation drills, all LISD campuses conduct safety drills each semester for each of the following scenarios:

    • Lockdown
    • Secure
    • Shelter - Severe Weather

    For the safety of our students and staff members, all LISD campuses have exterior doors locked during the school day. All visitors must enter in the main entrance of each school, and go through a proper vetting process before they proceed.

    Lewisville ISD has a department of professionals with backgrounds in public safety who are responsible for ensuring all staff and students are prepared for any kind of emergency.

    Police Training

    Our local police departments undergo extensive training for all kinds of scenarios, including active shooter situations. A majority of this training occurs within LISD buildings which enables officers to also learn the layouts of the buildings.

    Our safety and security department regularly coordinates with other public safety partners to ensure the safety of our students, staff and community.

    Safety and Security Improvements

    In the last few years, LISD has invested millions of dollars in safety upgrades and enhancements included in the 2017 Bond Program. In all, $28 million was allocated for vestibules at all campuses, security camera upgrades, additional card reader access points, upgraded phone system, and exterior lighting enhancements. These projects have been completed across LISD.

    K-9 Searches

    Specially-trained canines help in keeping the LISD campuses safe and drug free.  These canines are trained to detect drugs, alcohol and gunpowder. Searches are conducted unannounced. Areas searched include lockers, parking lots, and personal property brought on campus. Special presentations with the canines are given to students as part of a drug-prevention program.

    See Something, Say Something

    Keeping our students and staff safe takes all of us working together. Lewisville ISD provides ways for students to safely and anonymously report illegal activities that take place on school property. Please visit the high school campus reporting options page for additional information.

    Counseling Resources

    We always have counselors available for students who are experiencing distress due to any situation, and we encourage students to reach out to an adult when they are in need of support or additional assistance. Our staff members are trained in mental health awareness so that they can also help identify students who may be in need of assistance or support. Additional information can be found on our Counseling Services page under Prevention & Wellness.

    Lewisville ISD is always working to improve school safety and we expect conversations to continue – nationwide and locally – so that we can do everything possible to protect our students and staff.