• Practicum I: Grades 11-12

    Practicum II: Grade 12

    4 Credits Per Course (full year course)

    Application/Student Interest Form Required: PIM Application

    The Practicum in Marketing course is designed to give students supervised practical application of previously studied knowledge and skills. Practicum experiences can occur in a variety of locations appropriate to the nature and level of experience. The practicum course is a paid career experience (in the form of an after school job) for students wanting to advanced thier marketing and business knowledge.  The curriculum will present project-based learning that will give the students the opportunity to apply newly acquired marketing skills in real world situations.

    Students taking this course must thier own transportation.

    Breakdown of approval procoess to the program:

    • Application/intrest form completed by due date
    • Attendance verification turned in by due date
    • Reference Sheets turned in by due date
    • Infomational interview attended on requested date
    • Approved Job required by due date
    • Teacher approval

    Breakdown of course:

    • Learn how marketing decisions are made and the steps involved in the marketing process through classroom study and on the job application.  
    • Opportunities for certifications and employment advancement
    • Emploblity skills studied and applied 

    This class operates on a different weekly schedule to allow students to work.  Here is what the average week looks like for a PIM student. 


    Want to hear more about how this program has benifited studnets.  Go to LISD.net/Internships to hear from one of FMHS former Praticum in Marketin Co-Op studnets.