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    Practicum I: Grades 11-12

    Practicum II: Grade 12

    4 Credits Per Course (full-year course)

    Student Interest Form Required: Go here   https://forms.gle/n8SBMhKT2iqcUBTh8 to complete. 


    The Practicum in Marketing course is designed to give students supervised practical application of previously studied knowledge and skills. Practicum experiences can occur in a variety of locations appropriate to the nature and level of experience. The practicum course is a paid career experience (in the form of an after-school job) for students wanting to advance their marketing and business knowledge.  The curriculum will present project-based learning that will give the students the opportunity to apply newly acquired marketing skills in real-world situations.

    Students taking this course must their own transportation.

    Students must obtain his/her own job.  The teacher can supply leads but does not guarantee a job.  

    Breakdown of the approval process to the program:

    • Application/interest form completed by the due date
    • Attendance verification turned in by the due date
    • Reference Sheets turned in by the due date
    • Informational interview attended on the requested date
    • Approved Job required by the due date
    • Teacher approval

    Breakdown of course:

    • Learn how marketing decisions are made and the steps involved in the marketing process through classroom study and on the job application.  
    • Opportunities for certifications and employment advancement
    • Employability skills studied and applied 

    This class operates on a different weekly schedule to allow students to work.  See the campus teacher for details.  


    Want to hear more about how this program has benefited students.  Go to LISD.net/Internships to hear from one of FMHS former Practicum in Marketing Co-Op students.