• Mission: Through partnerships with students, staff, and community, counselors will foster development of self-advocacy skills, personal-social-emotional wellness, and academic-career success in a compassionate and supportive environment.

    LISD Guidance and Counseling Core Beliefs:

    We believe:

    1. Students come first in the school counseling program.

    2. All students have dignity and worth, are uniquely capable, and deserve opportunities to reach maximum potential. (LISD CB1)

    3. Safe, nurturing, inclusive and flexible environments remove barriers to learning. (LISD CB2)

    4. Counselors equip all students with the knowledge and skills to be college and career ready. (LISD CB3&5)

    5. Data-driven guidance programs are meaningful, relevant and promote student self-advocacy and personal wellness. (LISD CB4)

    6. Every member of our community shares responsibility in the education and personal development of our students. (LISD CB7)

    7. Guidance and counseling programs should support the 21st century learner. (LISD CB6)