• Program Referral and Entry


    • Entrance into SAPP is determined by a student’s need for services.
    • Referrals to the SAPP program may be made by a campus nurse, counselor, or other school official to any SAPP staff member. Early referral is recommended.
    • If desired, students and/or their parents may contact the SAPP directly to initiate entry procedures into the program.
    • A SAPP staff member, generally one of the case managers, will meet with the student at her/his campus.
    • A medical pregnancy verification is required before an intake can be completed and services initiated. (Pregnancy testing information and report of pregnancy)
    • Students can remain at their home campus and receive SAPP services. SAPP Services are available at all campuses.
    • A student interested in attending LLC needs to contact his/her campus counselor.
    • A SAPP student continues in the program until graduation.

    Pregnancy Testing