BlendED - High School

  • LISD provides blendED learning opportunities fo high school students across the district. A blendED course is ideal for high school students who:

    • want a flexible learning environment
    • want to work and go to school
    • want more time in the school day to practice for an activity or sport
    • want to develop future-ready skills:  collaboration, communication, time-management, and organization
    • want more opportunities for self-directed learning

    LISD blendED classes offer the best of both worlds: online and face-to-face instruction. Students do not have to be physically present on campus on an online day. They have Flexible Mobility and may meet with their teacher for one-on-one or small group instruction, collaborate with their peers in a flexible learning space on campus, or work from home or other off-campus locations. On class days, students engage in in-class discussion, collaboration, project work, practice, and labs.

    BlendED courses are currently offered at the following high schools: The Colony High School, Lewisville High School, Flower Mound High School, Marcus 9th Grade Center, and Marcus High School.  

    LISD BlendED

Virtual Learning Academy - High School

  • The Virtual Learning Academy provides online learning opportunities to secondary students across the district and the state of Texas.

    VLA serves high school students who:

    • want a flexible learning environment 
    • learn better online 
    • want to make room in their schedule for fine arts, athletics, or career and technology courses
    • want to take a course not offered on campus 
    • want to graduate early
    • want to work and go to school
    • want an original credit option for credit recovery

    High school students may take online courses within the school day or outside the school day to supplement their regular instructional program. Instruction and content are delivered primarily over the Internet, and most instructional activities take place online.  Middle school students may take online courses outside the school day to supplement their regular instructional program. 

    Students are not alone in their online courses! Our program is "high touch" with extensive interaction between students and the online teacher and students and their classmates. These frequent, ongoing interactions occur asynchronously within the course and in real time through a variety of tools: phone, Twitter, course messaging, district email, Zoom, Google Docs, and other Web tools.



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