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    At Prairie Trail Elementary School, we believe that every student has the right to an academically challenging education in a nurturing and innovative learning environment. We are dedicated to developing the intellectual potential in all of our students and meeting the needs of our identified Gifted and Talented students through a range of services designed to foster independent, life long learning.  

    Student Assessment

    Should I have my student tested for giftedness?

    Students with gifted and talented abilities often display advanced characteristics, as compared with students of the same age.   If several GT characteristics are observed on a regular basis over time, Gifted and Talented testing might be considered in order to identify possible educational needs and provide appropriate services. 

    How do I start the GT identification testing process?

    Referral forms are available through classroom teachers or GT Facilitators on each campus.  You are encouraged to schedule a conference to discuss testing procedures on each individual campus. 


    Students may be nominated or referred for GT testing at any time (with the exception of Kindergarten) by teachers, counselors, parents or other interested persons.  Testing critiera is specific to the state definition of gifted and talented and shall ensure the fair assessment of students with special needs, such as the culturally different, the economically disadvantaged, and students with disabilities.

    Data is collected through both objective and subjective assessments.  Assessment tools may include, but are not limited to, the following:  achievement tests, intelligence tests, creativity tests, behavioral checklists completed by teachers and parents, student / parent conferences, and available student work products.

    GT Services are designed to develop critical and creative thinking skills, problem solving skills, and reference skills for students demonstrating gifted abilities.  The specific services each student receives may vary, depending on the student’s placement recommendation and emerging educational, social, and emotional needs. 

    Prairie Trail's GT Schedule:

    • Monday-Kindergarten Push in and testing
    • Tuesday-5th Grade pull out
    • Wednesday-4th Grade pull out 
    • Thursday-3rd Grade pull out and 1st Grade push in and testing
    • Friday- 2nd Grade push in and testing