Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT)

  • What devices are allowed for Bring Your Own Technology?
    Any WIFI capable mobile devices, including laptops (Windows or Mac), netbooks, iPads, iPod Touch, eReaders, smart phones, and other tablets.

    What will students be able to do with their device?
    Students will be able to use web-based applications and tools available on their device.

    Is the Internet access filtered?
    Yes, student-owned personal devices will access the Internet through the same Internet filter that is used on LISD owned computers.

    What are the rules for using student-owned devices?
    Students will follow the Student Guidelines for Technology Resources. Students may bring their own technology and utilize personal electronic communication devices at school and at school activities. Students may use these devices in the classroom when the teacher deems them appropriate for educational purposes. All devices must remain silent or be put away unless being used within a lesson during class time. Students may also use devices during non- instructional times, such as passing periods, lunch and before/after school.
    Can my child use their 3G or 4G data plan?
    No, because 3G and 4G content are not filtered and secure. For Internet access, students are required to use the LISD guest wireless access.

    How will students access the WIFI?
    Students will be on a separate wireless network from LISD owned devices. Campuses support wireless G (54 mbps) and wireless dual band N (300 mbps). We prefer that students use the wireless dual band N whenever possible as it handles users more effectively.

    Can you recommend any free anti-virus software for student owned devices?
    For Windows machines, we recommend either of these two free products: Avast or Microsoft Security Essentials. For Macs, a free software is iAntivirus.

    What if a student has technical issues with the device?
    Students must manage their own technology and should take care of any technical issues. The teacher or campus technology facilitator is not responsible for ensuring that any student-owned device is functioning properly.

    What measures are in place to protect a student’s device?
    The student guest access is on a protected network which prevents students from spreading viruses to other users on the guest network. LISD’s state-of-the-art firewall protects the guest network from outside intrusion.