• Destiny Discover Book Catalog
  • Destiny Discover Hold a Book Instructions
  • Destiny Discover is accessible via the LHUB, then the Destiny App, or the MackinVia App.

    After placing the book on hold, in Destiny Discover, the librarian will be notified when it's available.

    Students will get the book(s) in the following manner:

    A. If the student is in Virtual Learning/Learning from Home, the student will be notified, 
        by Webex with a pickup time. 
    The student will need to come by the office to pick up the book(s).

    B. If the student is Physically in the Building, the book(s) will be delivered to the student.
        Or the student will be able to pick the book(s) up in the Library.
        This option depends on the current LISD Color Level.