Dear LISD Parents and Guardians, 


    Lewisville ISD is committed to equipping all students with digital citizenship skills to ensure they understand how to safely contribute to the digital world. Throughout the school year, your student will participate in LISD Required Digital Citizenship Lessons with their teacher/librarian. The following image shows the lesson topics that will be covered by each grade level. With the support of parents and guardians at home, together, we will help our students become successful digital citizens. 



    Why a Digital Citizenship Focus?

    Each grade level has Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) standards or guidelines that reference digital citizenship and digital literacy. Digital citizenship education is also a federal mandate.

    LISD teaches Digital Citizenship lessons to students to ensure students know how to handle themselves safely and positively in the digital world. The district believes it is important for students to know their technology use creates a “digital footprint” that may follow them throughout their academic and future careers. Digital Citizenship can be taught in the classroom and at home. The district has created an LISD Digital Resource webpage where parents can access more information about digital citizenship. Learn more about the district’s commitment to digital citizenship for all students here: https://www.lisd.net/Page/10078