• Start with Hello: A Youth Violence Prevention Program from Sandy Hook Promise

    Start Hello Week (September 23-27) is coming to Timber Creek Elementary School.

    "Start with Hello" is a project from Sandy Hook Promise which is a national organization that has been instrumental in leading the cause against school violence. Through their research, they have determined that school connection is one the largest preventative measures we can take to prevent school violence. 

    Monday, September 23rdYou Are Not Alone: Student Council/Lighthouse kiddos will greet students at all entrances and say hello to someone new today.

    Tuesday, Septemeber 24thEmbrace Differences: Wear your favorite Color today to celebrate our differences.

    Wednesday, September 25thSpread the Kindness: Write a note of Kindness to the custodian, office staff, cafeteria workers or we could have them write to other students.

    Thursday, September 26thSit with Someone New: Mix it up lunch, sit with someone new.

    Friday, September 27th Unite in Kindness: Wear TCE shirt or colors to demonstrate that we are all united to spread kindness.

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