How is VLA different from the virtual and virtual plus options from 2020-2021?

The LISD Virtual Learning Academy (VLA) is the district's virtual campus for high school classes which has been in existence since 2007. VLA is authorized by the Texas Virtual School Network to provide fully online courses taught by LISD teachers who have completed a 30 hour course in the teaching of virtual classes. VLA currently has nearly 30 courses in their catalog. Students can take these classes as part of their campus or virtual learning schedule creating flexibility in their schedule by taking a combination of classes on campus and classes online through VLA. Students may take up to three VLA courses in a year. While these are not self-paced classes, students do have a lot of flexibility in time of day and days of the week they must work on their courses. These courses count toward GPA calculations in the same way as on campus classes count.

The District’s 2020-21 virtual and virtual plus options differ from VLA in that they provide a full-time online option available to all students grades K-12 who do not wish to return to campus in the 2020-21 school year because of COVID-19. This option allows students to take a full schedule online using a curriculum specifically designed for online learning and selected by LISD. LISD teachers will be teaching these courses. This program is NOT the same as the At-Home learning from spring 2020. Teachers will receive training specific to teaching online and students will be taking a curriculum that reflects the full LISD curriculum for each course. Per TEA, students will be expected to work on their courses and make progress each day of the week in the same way that campus classes meet. These courses count toward GPA calculations in the same way as in person classes count.