My child is in the Dual Language program... do I need to ask for a transfer each year?

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If your child is an English language learner and has been placed at an elementary campus by the LPAC committee to receive dual language as a service, that is NOT considered a transfer.  Your child will attend the middle school zoned for your address, not the feeder middle school for this elementary campus.  If you would like your child to attend a specific middle school not zoned for your address, you will need to request a transfer during an open window in your child's 5th grade year.

If your child is a Spanish language learner and asked for a voluntary transfer to a different elementary school to participate in the Dual Language program to learn Spanish, this IS considered a transfer.  Under recent changes to Board Policy FDB, this transfer is in effect for your child to remain in the transfer feeder pattern through 12th grade.  Learn more