Fall 2019 VLA Registration is Now Open!

Posted by Christopher Bigenho on 7/22/2019

Summer is rapidly coming to an end and the excitement of school year is right around the corner. Here is a chance to take your learning to the clouds- Enroll in Fall VLA today! This past year, hundreds of high school students from across the district selected to take one or more of their classes online through VLA during the regular school year.

 We offer a full catalog of classes in English, Math, Social Studies, World Languages, Art, and PE. Additional classes are also available through our expanded Texas Virtual Schools Network (TXVSN) listings. All LISD provided courses can be taken at no cost to you when taken during the school day and for a nominal fee when taken outside the school day. Courses from TXVSN range from $300 to $400 per half credit. Unfortunately, we are not able to discount any courses selected from TXVSN. Therefore, the LISD courses are your best option if they fit your needs.

 VLA online classes during the school year are a great fit for you if you are…

  • Looking for more flexibility with how and where you do your learning
  • Looking to take additional AP classes before you graduate
  • Looking to free up your schedule for more Fine Arts, CTE classes, and other special programs
  • Wanting to experience a different type of learning environment, one you will likely experience in college and career
  • Wanting to accelerate and graduate early
  • You are looking for more flexibility in your schedule to pursue other dreams such as soccer, gymnastics, music, hockey, work, etc.

 9th graders can take up to one credit per term. Depending on the rest of your schedule, students grades 10 through 12 may be able to take up to 2 credits per term. See your counselors to see what works for you.

 To learn more about online learning opportunities in Lewisville, go to https://www.lisd.net/vla.

 Learn how to REGISTER for an online course through VLA: https://www.lisd.net/domain/7614

[Print Instructions- How to Register]: https://www.lisd.net/Page/19772

See your counselor today and signup to embark on a new learning adventure this FALL.


See you online,

Dr. Chris Bigenho

Director Virtual Learning Academy