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Friendly Competition at Lewisville ISD Job Olympics

High school students compete in vocational skills.

The 11th annual Lewisville ISD (LISD) Job Olympics brought teams of students together to share in a friendly competition of various vocational skills. 

Students competes in grocery stocking

Student competes in clothes folding

Students from Flower Mound High School (FMHS), Hebron High School (HHS), Lewisville High School (LHS), Marcus High School (MHS), The Colony High School (TCHS) and LISD TEAMS were focused and determined to win events for their team. 

Student smiles while folding towels

Students competes in paper shredding

Teacher and student folds towels

Many students had send-offs at their main campuses, where teachers, students and student clubs rallied and cheered as they loaded the buses.

Each event at the Job Olympics focused on preparing students for real-world experiences like job applications, interviews, restaurant and hospitality, grocery and office work. 

Student takes food order from judges

Community and school leaders, representatives from local businesses and volunteers served as judges at the event, which was held at Valley Creek Church’s Next Step Center for the first time. 

2020 LISD Job Olympics Medal Winners: 

Rolling Silverware

  1. Seth M. | TCHS
  2. Melanie R. | TCHS
  3. Natalia B. | FMHS


  1. Christopher A. | TCHS
  2. David C. | HHS
  3. Jaden H. | MHS


  1. Shasmin R. | LHS
  2. Madi A. | LHS
  3. Lucas I. | FMHS

Grocery Stocking

  1. Zania | LHS Killough
  2. Neha V. | FMHS
  3. Ashley R. | LHS

Grocery Bagging

  1. Kevin R. | LHS Killough
  2. Simon | HHS9
  3. Avery H. | MHS

Filling Salt Shakers

  1. Andrea P. | MHS
  2. Shane K. | TCHS
  3. Jalen B. | LHS

Folding Towels

  1. Christian P. | LHS
  2. Ariana E. | LHS
  3. Natalia R. | LHS Killough

Folding T-Shirts

  1. Yuridia E. | LHS Killough
  2. Yadira M. | LHS Killough
  3. Prince E. | LHS Killough

Setting and Bussing Tables

  1. Brianna O. | MHS
  2. Esteban R. | FMHS
  3. Adrian S. | HHS

Greeting and Drink Order

  1. Shaun L. | TCHS
  2. Kyla | TCHS
  3. Zachary G. | TCHS


  1. Riley F. | HHS
  2. Hailey C. | MHS
  3. Samuel K. | TCHS

Incoming Mail Sort

  1. Alexis M. | LHS
  2. Neil R. | LHS
  3. Ryan G. | MHS

Packet Assembly

  1. Kendall B. | FMHS
  2. Isaiah S. | TCHS
  3. Joshua C. | TCHS

Job Application

  1. Daniella B. | LHS Killough
  2. Nuvia Q. | FMHS
  3. Alyssa K. | FMHS

Job Interview

  1. Frederick E. | HHS
  2. Kevin W. | LHS Killough
  3. LHS 

The team winners of the day were runners-up, LHS/LHS Killough, and overall champions, TCHS. 

TCHS student smiles with championship trophy

Students hug after winning medals

Congratulations to all students for excelling in their activities and making this LISD Job Olympics another success. 

Visit the Lewisville ISD Facebook Page to see the full photo album.

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