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Due to the implementation of the district’s new benefits system for the 21-22 plan year, our HSA administrator has changed from First Financial to EECU.   With this change in vendors, we also had some changes with our HSA accounts.   This email will hopefully cover most questions for both those that just signed up for an HSA this year and for those of you who had an HSA previously.  

Current HSA holders:


If you have an HSA deduction, the bank we are working with beginning September 1, 2021 is EECU.  This may sound familiar as we sent an email from our offices about this change on August 26th and you have been getting both emails and letters in the mail from EECU.  The first deposits to EECU will begin with September paychecks. To review your balance you will need to register with EECU   You should have received the red HSA cards in the mail.  EECU sent a letter out on September 8th explaining that two cards were sent in error and they ask that you pick either card and activate just the one.  If you have any questions you can contact EECU at 817-882-0800.



Previous HSA holders:


For those that also have an HSA previously, there was a recent restructuring of our accounts from a group LISD account to individual retail accounts with UMB.  With this change, if you pull up your balance at FFGA you will see a zero balance.  An email went out from UMB covering important changes to your Health Savings Account on Friday, September 17th.  Below is the contents of that email.


Administrator Name:

UMB Bank

Administrator Address:

PO Box 161238
Altamonte Springs, FL 32714


One of the many benefits of a Health Savings Account (HSA) is your account stays with you even after changing jobs or insurance plans. We are writing to inform you that UMB continues to hold your HSA, even though your account is no longer affiliated with the original entity that brought you to us. As a result, a new debit card has been shipped to you and should arrive within the next few days (if it has not already). You may use this new card as soon as you receive it to access funds in your HSA deposit account and pay for qualified medical expenses.

Your Health Savings Account will remain the same however you will need to setup new log in credentials to access your HSA information online and on your mobile device. You can setup new online access by visiting us at: Please use Employer ID UMB123456 during the online registration process.

Additionally, by receipt of this email, we are informing you that our standard $2.50 benefit admin fee will begin to be your responsibility. UMB will be debiting this fee from your HSA on a monthly basis. Please note that you may not have had a monthly service charge before if your employer paid for the fee on your behalf.

You will be receiving more information in the mail about your HSA with UMB in the next 7 - 10 days.


The UMB HSA Support Team

A new card will be sent for these restructured accounts but they may take 7-10 business days.  UMB indicated that you can still have access to your money now through bill pay by visiting  If you have any questions, please call UMB customer service at 844-383-9826. Hint: press zero and wait if you don’t have your account number handy.

The funds in your previous account, now at UMB, can remain there as indicated in their email but you will be subject to a monthly fee.  You may also consider transferring your funds to our new bank EECU.  EECU has graciously offered to cover any transfer fee you may have up to $25.  EECU sent out an email yesterday, September 20th with the steps to do this, the time line and a redemption to receive your credit back for any fees.  We have also added these steps to our website under Benefit Plans/ EECU HSA Transfer Credit Offer.   UMB indicated your account number should be the same and their mailing address for the transfer form is P.O. Box 161238, Altamonte Springs, FL 32714.  

We hope this detailed information answers most of your questions.  We encourage you to review the information, check our website main page for HSA FAQ  or call the HSA bank(s) with any questions.  Remember our new bank is EECU at 817-882-0800,  previous HSA accounts are at UMB 844-383-9826.