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MSVL Family Update | Sept. 4

Middle school virtual learning family update for Sept. 4.

As the third week of the 2020-2021 school year concludes, we are happy to see that the changes made in the Virtual Pathway have positively impacted the at-home learning experience for many of our students.  Thank you to everyone who has shared their concerns with us over the past three weeks and be assured we are listening and continue to look for ways to improve our current practices in the Virtual Pathway. 

School Holiday
Monday, September 7th is a school holiday for staff and students. We hope you all have a fun and relaxing Labor Day weekend!

Weekly Lesson Plans
With the removal of the pacing calendar in Edgenuity, we have asked teachers to post their Weekly Lesson Plans on their Canvas course under Modules.  Please note that the lesson plans are simply a guide for your student to help them keep on track to complete all of their coursework by the end of the 9-week term.  

Learning from Home
With in-person learners returning to campuses on Tuesday, September 8th, we want to remind you students enrolled in the Virtual Pathway will continue learning from home.  Students may change from the Virtual Pathway to in-person learning at the end of the 9-week term.

Edgenuity Technical Issues
All technical issues related to the Edgenuity program should be submitted through this form. For all other technical issues, please continue to email or call 972-350-1833.

The Virtual Middle School Pathway website has a variety of resources to help answer your questions.  Click the link below to access the website:

Save the Date
Parent Education Program (PEP) will kick off on September 16, 2020 at 6 p.m., and repeat sessions will be offered on September 17, 2020, at 10:00 am. The topic will be “Edgenuity-how to navigate it and check student progress."