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Students Celebrate 10th Annual LISD Job Olympics

Big winners and fun times bring high school students together

March 7, 2019 — Students from across Lewisville ISD (LISD) shared many high-fives and some friendly competition at the 10th Annual LISD Job Olympics.

Student pouring salt at the Job Olympics

Students from Flower Mound High School (FMHS), Hebron High School (HHS), Lewisville High School (LHS), Marcus High School (MHS) and The Colony High School (TCHS) competed in events that evaluated the following vocational skills and experience: job application, interview, restaurant and hospitality, grocery and office.

Student answers interview questions at the Job Olympics

Community and school leaders, representatives from local businesses and volunteers served as judges at the event which was held at the MCL Grand in Lewisville. 

Student folds towels at the Job Olympics

Students smiling at the Job Olympics

2019 LISD Job Olympics Medal Winners:

Job Application

  1. Stephanie Arriaga, LHS
  2. Juan Villareal, LHS Killough
  3. Luis Martinez, LHS Killough

Job Interview

  1. Malik Wilson, LHS Killough
  2. Ethan Buckley, HHS
  3. Fredrick Erskin, HHS

Packet Assembly

  1. Kendall Bowie, FMHS
  2. Ross Reeves, FMHS
  3. Kendy Govea, MHS

Mail Sorting

  1. Mauricio Nava-Reyna, TCHS
  2. Yuki Maruyama, HHS
  3. Neil Reese, LHS


  1. Ross Reeves, FMHS
  2. Ethan Edmond, MHS
  3. Riley Fiddes, HHS


  1. Gwynnie Bush, TCHS
  2. Pierce No, FMHS
  3. Carole Cox, LHS

Grocery Stocking

  1. Shane King, TCHS
  2. Nathan Mills, LHS
  3. LHS Killough

Grocery Bagging

  1. Mario Mendoza, HHS
  2. Roberto Perez, HHS
  3. Kevin Reyes, LHS Killough

Greeting and Drink Order

  1. Wyatt Hazel, LHS Killough
  2. Alissa Kizer, LHS
  3. Kirk Trevino, LHS

Table Setting and Bussing

  1. Mario Mendoza, HHS
  2. Zach Lovell, FMHS
  3. Abel Ocampo, LHS

Filling Salt Shakers

  1. David Salter, LHS
  2. Miguel Reyes, LHS
  3. Jalen Barber, LHS

Rolling Silverware

  1. Dylan Stacy, HHS
  2. Seth McCawley, TCHS
  3. Edwin Martinez, TCHS

Folding Towels

  1. Guadalupe Cortina, HHS
  2. Shasmin Rios, LHS Killough
  3. Joseph Cabrinha, FMHS

Folding Shirts

  1. Emely Martinez, HHS
  2. Fredrick Erskin, HHS
  3. Michael Choi, HHS


  1. Muhammed Olawore, LHS Killough
  2. Jordan Haney, MHS
  3. Lucas Illerburn, FMHS

Taking home the overall championship trophy was Hebron High School.

Hebron high school students win 2019 Job Olympics

Congratulations to all the students for excelling in these activities and making this event another wonderful success. 
Visit the Lewisville ISD Facebook Page to see the full photo album.