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Marcus High School Senior Spotlight

Get to know the MHS Class of 2020!

MHS Senior Spotlight

2020 Graduation Information

Class of 2020 — we are proud of you! Congratulations on the tremendous accomplishment of graduating. This spring has brought unexpected challenges, but challenges are nothing new to you! We know you will persevere, overcome and continue striving toward your next goal. 

Graduation ceremonies for the Class of 2020 will be held at Texas Motor Speedway. You can watch the graduation stream live, from your home. To see all Lewisville ISD (LISD) graduation dates, details and FAQs, please visit



We want to celebrate with you! Share all your final senior posts and graduation photos with the LISD community by using “#LISDgrads” on your favorite social media accounts. 

MHS Valedictorian


Valedictorian Chaitanya Bashyam

Parents: Sridhar Bashyam, Sudha Ramachandra

Where do you plan to attend college?

University of California, Los Angeles

What do you plan to major in, and what are your career plans?

Double major in Physics & Mathematics; After undergraduate studies, I plan to attend graduate school and then gain a Ph.D. in some field of physics. My current dream career is becoming a physics professor and researcher at some academic institute.

What school activities have you been involved in?

Marcus High School Band, Math Academic UIL, Science Academic UIL, Science National Honor Society (President), Mu Alpha Theta (Secretary), National Honor Society (Historian), Tri-M Music Honor Society, Philosophy Club

What teacher impacted you the most and how? 

The teacher that has impacted me the most is Mr. Pike, my teacher for AP Calculus BC and my Math UIL coach (Mr. Pike taught Precalculus and Calculus last year, he currently teaches Precalculus and Academic Decathlon). From the moment I met Mr. Pike, he has always been more than just a teacher to me— he is a mentor, a friend, and a role model. Freshman year, I decided not to do Math UIL after expressing interest initially, and rather than simply giving up on me Mr. Pike continued to say, “Hi” to me in the hallways, ask me about my day, and drop not-so-subtle hints to join the team next year. Due in large part to his belief in me as a mathematician, I joined the team as soon as I could in sophomore year, and grew to love math like he does. Whether he was helping with me with my homework in Calculus BC, driving my friends and I to Austin for our state UIL competition, or yelling my name from across the hallway in a voice that I could not describe if I tried, Mr. Pike has been there for me every step of the way throughout high school.

What are your favorite memories of school?

Some of my favorite moments happened in little circles my friends and I formed during passing periods— each time I participated I was guaranteed to laugh until I cried. Additionally, one specific moment I am fond of was during a football game this year when the student section erupted in support of the band. My class really upped the school spirit this year for all endeavors at Marcus, which I find very special.

How do you hope history remembers the Class of 2020?

I hope that the Class of 2020 has set a model for the younger classes to follow in terms of tenacity, compassion, and selflessness. During this past semester, I have seen many people saddened at events they had been looking forward to being cancelled, including myself. However, rather than react with hatred, we came together to support one another. I hope future students in our community can continue this path of empathy and love.

What advice do you have for future high school graduates?

One piece of advice that I would give for future graduates is to truly dive deep into whatever it is you love through taking advantage of the vast resources at your school. We are all different, so make sure to follow your passion— not someone else's. Also, don't try to be a superhero and do everything— success and satisfaction comes through concentrated efforts on a few ventures rather than haphazard attempts in many avenues.

MHS Salutatorian

MHS #2

Salutatorian Ayra Charania

Parents: Aamer Charania, Sadaf Charania

Where do you plan to attend college?

Duke University

What do you plan to major in, and what are your career plans?

I plan to double major in global health and biology and attend medical school to become an oncologist after undergrad.

What school activities have you been involved in?

Orchestra, United Sound, Newspaper, National Honor Society, Science Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta, Spanish Honor Society, Science UIL and Math UIL.

What teacher impacted you the most and how? 

Throughout my high school years, my AP chemistry teacher, Janet Hutley, impacted me the most. Mrs. Hutley not only helped me discover how passionate I was about STEM but constantly piqued my curiosity. Every lecture she gave went beyond the content of the AP test, exploring every fascinating application of the concept we were learning. She not only helped guide me in deciding what I want to do in the future but taught me to always dig deeper.

What are your favorite memories of school?

My favorite memories of school always involved learning and working with my friends, especially in the newsroom. I loved walking in, greeting our cardboard cutout of Keanu Reeves, and doing tarot card readings for my fellow staffers. Whether it was after an aggressive round of meme jeopardy, a grueling day of catching up during deadline week, or a relaxing party, it was always enjoyable to laugh with my friends and have their support.

How do you hope history remembers the Class of 2020?

I hope history remembers the Class of 2020 as persevering. We refused to let a virus stop us from being proud of our accomplishments. We instead adopted it. We continued to work hard from home and follow social distancing guidelines in order to ensure the safety and health of our community. We continued to celebrate each other throughout the pandemic, though at a distance.

What advice do you have for future high school graduates?

Don't be afraid of change. Try new activities or classes outside of your comfort zone. Sometimes, you'll end up finding your newest favorite hobby or discovering the subject you want to major in for college.

MHS Top Ten

MHS #3

3. Cara Charpentier

College: University of Texas at Austin | Major: Biomedical Engineering and Plan II Honors | Career Plans: I plan to have a career in research and development in the medical field.

School Activities | I have been involved in National Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta, Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica, Science National Honor Society, Philosophy Club, and MEDS Club.

Teacher Who Impacted you Most | The teacher who impacted me most was Mrs. Janet Hutley. I had her my sophomore year for AP Chemistry where she helped me find a true interest in science. She was an incredibly motivating teacher and an inspiring role model as a woman with experience in a STEM field. 

Favorite School Memories | Some of my favorite memories include making/spending time with friends in classes, playing card games after AP tests were over, and watching my friends perform in musicals and Mr. Marcus. I also have a lot of good memories from freshman year humanities like going on the field trip to Dallas, playing Just Dance, and doing the Animal Farm experiment.

Remembering the Class of 2020 | I hope history remembers my class as having met these unexpected challenges with understanding, flexibility and positivity. We adapted quickly to the online learning environment and stayed connected. It has been a major growing point for a lot of us to not take everything for granted and to be grateful for what we have. I think in the future we will truly take advantage of spending time with each other and appreciate the small moments.

Advice to Underclassmen | I think it’s important to take responsibility for your own learning. Understand the benefit of education and work hard to improve yourself. Try new things and find what you are passionate about. I also think it’s really important to find balance and have fun in high school. Go to all the school events! It’s definitely worth it.

MHS #4

4. Annette Nguyen

College: Texas A&M University- College Station | Major: Chemistry as Pre-Med | Career Plans: I want to attend medical school and specialize in geriatrics.

School Activities | I have been involved in UIL Academics: in UIL Calculator specifically, I have qualified and placed at State. I have also been on varsity swim for all four years of high school and played on our water polo team. I am President of Mu Alpha Theta (math honor society) and an officer in our district-wide HOSA (Future Health Professionals) organization. I also am part of the National Honor Society, Science National Honor Society, and MEDS club.

Teacher Who Impacted you Most | Mr. David Pike is the teacher who impacted me the most throughout high school. He teaches Pre-Cal and Calculus, but in my case, he is the coach of our UIL Academics Calculator, Math, and Number Sense team. He fostered my passion for math through his positivity and fun-nature: whether that was through throwing markers across the room or always ensuring that we do our silly handshake before each competition. He is always there to help us out in our studies or just to talk about life, and I am forever grateful for the amount of effort he put into our team.

Favorite School Memories | My favorite memories of school involve the people who I was surrounded with. Whether it is making TikToks with the UIL Calculator team and Mr. Pike at state with our shiny medals or purchasing the whole shelf of red and silver pom-poms at the dollar store to cheer on my teammates at our district and regional swim meet, my friends at Marcus have made my high school experience full of laughter and joy.

Remembering the Class of 2020 | I found that the Class of 2020 was extremely flexible during these tough times in quarantine. We saw things positively because there was no point in sulking in negativity, and I hope that mentality continues after quarantine is done. Additionally, the amount of unconditional support for our class during this time kept us going, and I want people to remember how our community came together to support one another.

Advice to Underclassmen | Find joy in the things you do now. While it is important to prepare for the future, do not lose sight of all you have in the present to enjoy. As my friends put it, my motto in life is to “simply vibe”: this means to surround yourself with positive activities and relationships. Let yourself laugh and smile more; it sounds cheesy but you can really fake it until you make it—it’s psychology!

MHS #5

5. Risha Bhuta

College: UT Austin | Major: Biology, Research

School Activities | DECA, NHS, SNHS, MAO, SHH

Teacher Who Impacted you Most | Kaitlyn Wilson - AP US History, because she helped me realize how much I love history. The way she taught made me so interested in America’s history.

Favorite School Memories | Mr. Marcus, football games, playing cards after AP tests with friends

Remembering the Class of 2020 | I was really sad to have never gotten a prom or a senior Six Flags trip, or to visit my elementary school teachers, but I think when people look back on this it should remind them not to take the things they have for granted, to appreciate their friendships and tiny pleasures every day, and to enjoy school and the opportunities it presents.

Advice to Underclassmen | Go to all the football games, all the school events, and spend time with friends because you will want to remember those times in the future.

MHS #6

6. Riya Bhuta

College: University of Texas at Austin | Major: Chemistry | Career Plans: Research

School Activities | Band, DECA, national honor society, science national honor society, mu alpha theta, Spanish honor society, English honor society

Teacher Who Impacted you Most | Janet Hutley, Chemistry; Mrs. Hutley was an amazing teacher and helped me discover what I wanted to major in.

Favorite School Memories | My favorite part of school has always been getting to see my friends every day. I also enjoyed school trips such as DECA state and BOA grand nationals.

Remembering the Class of 2020 | I hope history remembers us as a class who stayed positive and made the best out of a rough situation.

Advice to Underclassmen | Don’t stress yourself out too much! Take more naps and relax; your health is more important than your grades.

MHS #7

7. Garrett Karbs

College: University of Texas at Austin | Major: Business Honors | College Plans: I would like to work in Financial Consulting when I graduate college.

School Activities | Soccer, Senior Class President, Student Council, Mu Alpha Theta, National Honor Society, English Honor Society

Teacher Who Impacted you Most | The teacher that impacted me the most was my Calculus teacher Kelly Sudderth. She was extremely passionate about math and truly loved and cared for her students. I always left her class with a smile on my face.

Favorite School Memories | My favorite memories from High School were ones that I was able to spend with my peers. The first of which was Mr. Marcus my senior year, followed by the entirety of my senior soccer season. I also cherish the memory of my junior year Student Council Convention. All of these memories will last me a lifetime.

Remembering the Class of 2020 | I hope history remembers us as the class who was able to persevere through anything and come out stronger on the other side. The class of 2020 has grown stronger through adversity and now truly understands the importance of making the most of every day and taking no opportunity for granted. We are a class that will one day change the world.

Advice to Underclassmen | For future high school graduates, my most important advice is to make the most of every day. I have learned through high school that success and happiness is found when every day is lived to the fullest. This allows us to grow and find joy through every action and experience.

MHS #8

8. Quinn Maguire

College: University of Texas at Austin | Major: Biology and then study animal classifications and taxonomy.

School Activities | National Honor Society, Junior Classical League (Latin Club), Latin Honor Society, Science Honor Society, Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica, Mu Alpha Theta

Teacher Who Impacted you Most | Magistra Santos has been an amazing teacher that I have had the privilege to learn from for three years of high school. Her knowledge of Latin is immense and she teaches complex language constructions in simple and understandable ways. In addition to being a great educator, Magistra Santos has inspired me with a love of the classics and Latin language, encouraging me to continue these subjects in college. Her dedication and ability to engage her students inside and outside of the classroom makes her a welcoming role model for everyone, promoting inclusivity at Marcus. Ms. Santos’ passion for teaching and care for her students goes above and beyond. LISD is incredibly fortunate to have such an influential educator in its district. 

Favorite School Memories | I have really fond memories of humanities in both freshman and junior year. With Mrs. Jennings and Mrs. Minich, I enjoyed designing a baby box and creating a service project. With Ms. Popp and Mrs. Wilson, I found the social issues we discussed to be really interesting! I also loved being in JCL and attending Area and State competitions over Latin.

Remembering the Class of 2020 | Our graduation will definitely be one for the books. It’s really amazing to see how quickly teachers and students alike adapted to online assignments.

Advice to Underclassmen | Use high school as an opportunity to discover what you're passionate about. We are lucky to have this time when we are young to explore many different fields-foreign languages, STEM, athletics, and more. High school can be your trial and error site for trying these things!

MHS #9

9. Dylan Duckworth

College: Texas A&M University | Major: Civil Engineering | Minor: Business | College Plans: Architectural Manager

School Activities | I have involved myself in Mu Alpha Theta, Science National Honor Society, and even made an appearance in Mr. Marcus. Among the most important of all these activities was the indoor soccer team, Chaitanya FC, that I had the pleasure of forming with my friends. Though it may not traditionally count as a "school activity" and most of us didn't ever play soccer, that experience was a huge part of my life in high school.

Teacher Who Impacted you Most | My physics teacher, Marco Ramirez, was crucial in helping me decide what I want for myself and for my future. The way he taught to his students made you feel like you were a part of something special. His classes allowed me to mature greatly not only as a student, but as a person, and that's something I can say about very few other teachers.

Favorite School Memories | My friend Drew grew this very gorgeous beard that I would often ask to touch before each quiz or test for good luck. It's not necessarily the fact that I got to touch his beard that makes this memory so enjoyable, but the fact that I was able to come up with my own traditions that gave school a more special place in my heart.

Remembering the Class of 2020 | I hope for history to remember and highlight our patience and understanding. Much of what we have waited for has been taken from us, but we have stayed strong throughout this last semester despite this. I hope my classmates haven't grown angry with the world and have learned to appreciate more of what they have and have allowed themselves to grow as individuals.

Advice to Underclassmen | Make as many positive memories as you can. High school should be something you want to enjoy and something you should be enjoying. Take care of yourself and your future, but your well-being is no less valuable now than it will be later down the road.

MHS #10

10. Madalyn Beischer

College: University of Texas at Austin | Major: Biochemistry | College Plans: I plan on taking a pre-pharmacy path to become a pharmacologist.

School Activities | I’ve been involved in Junior Classical League, participating in 3 area and 2 state competitions, I’m in Science Honor Society, Latin Honor Society, National Honor Society, and Mu Alpha Theta. I'm a MEDS Club officer, and I have been involved in my school’s Circle of Friends Club.

Teacher Who Impacted you Most | Jennifer Forthun (AP Humanities) impacted me the most by not only teaching me well, leading me to succeed in her subjects, but also by being someone I knew I could talk to when I needed to vent and helping me whenever I needed it, especially with my college application essays. She was the kindest and most generous teacher I’ve had.

Favorite School Memories | My favorite memories are whenever I cheered for Marcus alongside my friends. Football games, friends’ concerts, and Mr. Marcus were all so much fun. I also loved talking to teachers after school with my friends, it was great to be able to bond and have those mentor-type relationships. I also won Homecoming Queen and that’s a really fond memory I have; my friends and parents were all so excited, it made my senior year.

Remembering the Class of 2020 | I hope everyone acknowledges how unfortunate this situation is for the Class of 2020. I want people to not pity this class but understand the strength we have altogether to lose so much of our final year of high school and still be just as excited for college and the rest of our lives. Hopefully this class is remembered fondly by staff and students and I think everyone will give us well wishes for our futures.

Advice to Underclassmen | I advise future high school graduates to take academics seriously, as to open up as many options for their bright futures as possible, but also to really cherish their time with their friends and family before they leave and separate. I don’t think that will be tough after this pandemic is over; I do think everyone will come together and be more grateful than ever before for the comfort of companionship.

National Merit Finalists

To become a National Merit Finalist, semifinalists and their high schools must submit a detailed scholarship application in which they provide information about the semifinalist’s academic record, participation in school and community activities, demonstration of leadership abilities and honors and awards received.

  • Evan M. Bailey | Briarhill, MHS
  • Chaitanya Bachyam | Flower Mound, Lamar, MHS
  • Risha H. Bhuta | Prairie Trail, Lamar, MHS
  • Riya H. Bhuta | Prairie Trail, Lamar, MHS
  • Ayra A. Charania | Prairie Trail, Downing, MHS
  • Victoria K. Cheshire | Flower Mound, Lamar, MHS
  • Savannah K. DeCrow | McAuliffe, Briarhill, MHS
  • Katelyn E. Harvey | Briarhill, MHS
  • Madison E. Ibe | Southridge, Lamar, MHS
  • Srisha Jayakumar | Marcus
  • Sakshi Krishna | Downing, MHS
  • Annette T. Nguyen | Prairie Trail, Lamar, MHS
  • Spencer V. Phan | McAuliffe, Briarhill, MHS
  • Sarah Saleem | Parkway, MHS
  • Rhea S. Varma | Prairie Trail, Lamar, MHS

Collegiate Athletics

MHS Collegiate Athletes

Congratulations to the student-athletes who have committed or signed their letters of intent to play collegiate sports.

Bostyn Burris | University of Massachusetts – Boston
Brendan Concannon | Vernon College
Hunter Davis | Howard College
Reed Gallant | Rice University
Blake Harmon | University of Mary Hardin-Baylor
Zach Hudson | Hardin-Simmons University
Sam Hunt | Texas Tech University 
Collier Mershon | The Citadel
Matt Minyon | Northern Oklahoma College
Benny Roebuck | Kent State University
Brandon Scriber | Murray State

Ben Joelson | Metro State of Denver

Cross Country/Track and Field
Maddie Meiner | Oklahoma State University

Ethan Barr | Vanderbilt University
Michael Carignan | Texas Wesleyan University
Ty’son Edwards | Columbia University
Evan Fowler | Trinity Valley Community College
Jacob Scott | Cisco College
Collin Sutherland | University of Arkansas

Liam Black | Hardin Simmons University

Harvey Castro | SMU
Sam Coad | University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Bella Dooley | Midwestern State University
Delaney Hemperly | Baylor University
Brooke Winningham | Columbia College

Lexi Benson | Stephen P. Austin University 
Mikaila Kenney | Marshall University 
Madison Johnson | West Texas A&M University
Ila Telford | Odessa College

Swim and Dive
Emily Engberson | Austin College
Cabot Ferguson | California Baptist University
Maysen Hauck | Southwestern University

Ryan Mouakket | Midwestern State University

Camryn Upshaw | University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Water Polo
Emily Engberson | Austin College
Cabot Ferguson | California Baptist University
Cory McGrath | Austin College

Ethan Kappler | Texas Wesleyan University

Collegiate Fine Arts

MHS Collegiate Fine Arts

Congratulations to the MHS students continuing their fine arts education in college.

Amanda Brown | Utah State University 
Morgan Kahley | University of Arkansas 

Nathaniel Fika | A&M Commerce 
Henry Hamre | University of Houston 
Alexander Kang | Eastman School of Music 
Ian Sartor | University of North Texas 

Landon Bradley | TCU 
Julia Campopiano | Belmont University 

Andrea Antonellis | Texas State 
Logan Collins | University of Oklahoma
Savannah DeCrow | TCU 
Andrew Gange | University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music 
Kamdyn King | University of Oklahoma

Senior Voices

MHS Senior Voices

With school buildings and facilities forced to close due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, we asked seniors to share how they hope they have grown from this experience. Hear even more from our seniors on our Senior Voices page.

The end of your final semester of high school has been unique, to say the least. How do you hope you and your classmates have grown, or will grow from this experience?

“It just shows that nothing is guaranteed and we should learn to make the most of what we have when we have it.” - Julia Ariyo 

“I hope that we all can learn that we shouldn’t ever take anything for granted. We never knew that half day was going to be our last day as a student at MHS and it’s heartbreaking. Most of us were so excited to leave, and now we want to come back. I just want us to understand that things don’t last forever, things come and go, which is why it’s important to cherish the time we have now.” - Aynslee Barber 

“I hope my classmates will learn how to respond to change and become comfortable being in uncomfortable situations. Our lives are about to have extreme changes going to college, so honestly this is just like a warm up for our future.” - Ethan Barr 

“I think that everyone benefits from challenges, and this is no different. I definitely will not take things for granted anymore, because I now know that anything can be taken away in an instant.” - Josh Benoist 

“My whole life, I’ve believed that conflict builds character, and my hope for the Class of 2020 is that we come out 110% better than we were before. Better people, better friends, and better students.” - Landon Bradley 

“While I think the last semester was a hard one for a lot of seniors, I also think it was a good chance to learn how to be responsible with online classes and how to be prepared for things one may encounter in college or as being an adult. Many times in life one runs into issues that include a low supply of money, natural disasters, or shortages of products, even if one lives in a well-off community. That is why I think this time of difficulty was one that can be learned from. I hope others have or will have learned that it is necessary to be, and learned how to be sufficiently prepared.” - Amanda Brown 

“Just to know that nothing is ever guaranteed no matter how hard you work for it.” - Bostyn Burris 

“We will grow from this because we already focus on the real world and being independent.” - Michael Stanley Carignan 

“I hope that through this experience we grow by acknowledging that the pandemic can’t change the bonds we’ve created these past four years. All of the memories we’ve had at our respective high schools can’t be taken away. Every friendship we built, every achievement we’ve earned, every success we reach is still significant and important even if we can’t celebrate it in person right now. As we continue to deal with this pandemic, I hope we all pat ourselves on the back for how strong we’ve remained throughout it and how much we’ve achieved.” - Ayra Charania

“Over the past year our teachers stood beside us and encouraged us as we found ourselves through our high school journey. Our teachers taught us, supported and molded us into who we are today. No student pictured the last quarter to end with missed experiences and without saying goodbye. However, we all contributed to our Senior year; I hope that the Class of 2020 and I can remember the situation and how we made the best of it during this time, and in the future.” - Anna Cliff 

“I hope everyone became closer with their family and what matters most, outside of basketball.” - Joshua Condon 

“I hope that everyone has become their own individual selves, and not focus on others' opinions!” - Ellie Grace Conley 

“I hope that we will grow from this experience by now.” - Jasmine Nicole Coupland 

“I learned about where we came from and how important family has been in our lives.” - Collin Douglas Cross 

“We have learned a lot. We learned to never take anything for granted, it can be taken away in a heartbeat.” - Hunter Davis 

“Adversity is probably the main topic in this world today as all of our daily lives have changed and we have to still continue to be successful despite the circumstances. It will help us become stronger people and learn not to take anything for granted.” - Ty’son Edwards 

“I hope that myself and others grow to become more independent while taking online classes. Having to depend on yourself to get stuff done can be difficult, especially in times like these but I see it as preparing myself for college where I will have to be self-reliant. I also hope others view our last year not as a letdown but learn to appreciate all the love and support we have received and given to others.” - Emma Eidmann 

“I think we should not take things for granted. The most important things in your life can be taken away in a blink of an eye. That’s why we should cherish every moment with each other because we never know if it could be our last.” - Emmanuel Fasanya 

“When the time was unexpectedly taken off my last semester of high school, I was genuinely heartbroken. I could not stop thinking about the perfect picture in my head of how I expected my final moments. Things I dearly loved were robbed from me before I could even whimper a goodbye to them. Although I am still saddened by the end coming this quickly, I have hope in myself and the class of 2020 to arise. I have unhindered courage that pushes me to give my all without knowing how it will all come together. Without a doubt, this unfortunate situation has only left me and my peers stronger. I realize that nothing is guaranteed in life, so the only thing you can do is to live each day to the fullest and hold on to each moment while you have it.” - Isabella Lillian Fortino 

“Just not taking anything for granted. Live every day to the max.” - Reed Gallant 

“Appreciate the little things in life.” - Blake Harmon 

“From this experience I have learned not to take anything for granted. Do everything like it’s your last chance to do it.” - Zach Hudson 

“Never take anything for granted. Any at bat could be your last.” - Samuel Donald Hunt

“When we walked out the door for spring break, none of us expected it to be our last day of high school; however, this experience will teach us to not take anything for granted and make the most of every day.” - Garrett Austin Karbs 

“Learn to never take anything for granted and live like every day is your last.” - Will McGuire 

“I hope we can all learn just how important technology can be, and how much of our future will be centered around it. One thing I hope everyone realizes is how much our teachers genuinely care about us and want the best for us.” - Catherine Ann McKisic 

“I hope that everyone now decides to be clean and actually wash their hands.” - Jessica Mendoza 

“This has by far been the most impactful moment on our lives. We will make it through this, we can make it through whatever lies ahead.” - Collier Mershon 

“I hope we all grow stronger through this adversity and learn not to take things for granted as nothings guaranteed.” - Jacob Minick 

“To learn from this experience. Enjoy what we have and live in the moment, because you never know when it will be taken away from you.” - Matthew Minyon

“I think not only for me, but for many of us, we will never take anything for granted again. Speaking from personal experience, I know athletes have especially been hit hard by this. It is so hard to come to the realization that we will never see some of the most amazing and influential teachers and students ever again.” - Kaitlyn Nowak 

“I feel that this has proved that we are able to adapt to different requirements and work spaces quickly and we can handle challenges put in front of us.” - Connor Patton 

“This final semester was quite challenging in many ways. I think we've all developed an essential sense of flexibility! The entire district was quick to adjust to online learning, and students continued to excel in their school work. Having time away from many of our peers, teachers, and community members have challenged us to find new ways of communication through technology. We've also developed newfound perspective, positivity, and unity in the face of adversity as we come together to celebrate birthdays, go to church, spend time with our friends and support local businesses all remotely. Remarkable adversity leads to growth, and the Class of 2020 exemplifies this.” - Brigit Reese 

“While this time has been sad in many ways, I think this has definitely given the opportunity for many families to slow down and reconnect. This experience has made me realize how much we need to appreciate the little things in life and I hope that my classmates and I are able to grow closer to our loved ones in this time and cherish it as we are about to leave them and head off to college.” - Ashlyn Robbins

“I think we have all gotten closer with each other and we will all make a huge impact on others’ lives as the years go on.” - Benjamin Alexander Roebuck 

“I hope that everyone has learned throughout this time that you don't need as much as you think you do to be happy and to also appreciate the special moments in life.” - Tara Kaur Sachar 

“I believe this taught everyone to cherish every moment because you never know when it is going to be taken away. It has also taught me how to have self-motivation to do my schoolwork.” - Riley Schmidt 

“I think we will learn to appreciate our friends and loved one more, and just appreciate life more in general.” - Aryan Sharma 

“Seeing that we can/will overcome anything thrown at us, and that this next chapter will be even better than expected because we had to pass through a really tough time to get there.” - Hannah Silensky 

“I hope that our class will take this opportunity to grow by never taking anything in life for granted. So often we complain about having to get up in the morning to go to school or staying up late to do homework but now that it's gone we would give anything to get it back. My favorite quote is "in the end, we only regret the chances we didn't take," so now I challenge the Class of 2020 to really take this experience and make the most of it. Go to all of the football games, finish your homework, thank your teachers for all they do because in the blink of an eye it could all be gone. Life is beautiful and it's important that we appreciate all of the gifts it has to offer.” - Reagan Elizabeth Starin 

“As a student council officer, I am often included in the conversations for what senior/school events should be prioritized if rescheduled but I would always ask my friends their opinions. I realized in the end, it’s really not the physical event that creates the memories we keep forever, it’s the people we are with. Going forward, I think we will all be just a little more thankful for the time we get to spend with our loved ones.” - Lauren Szlosek

“I hope my classmates are staying healthy and doing their best to finish strong. I know this will help me with my future being at college and doing online classes.” - Bailey Tadolini 

“Continuing to stay in contact, which will help for when we go to college.” - Mackensie Turner 

“That we will not take what we have for granted and we will cherish the memories we make.” - Arianne Elizabeth Van Der Stuyf 

“I think something that we all can learn from is that you can’t control something so you just have to do your best to get through it.” - Bryson Weeks 

“I hope that my classmates and I grow from this experience by truly implementing the phrase “never take anything for granted” instead of seeing it as a cliche, and to live each moment forward embracing change. I also hope that we continue to see the value in spending time with loved ones and soaking in every opportunity given to us.” - Mariah Wheeler 

“I hope that we will all enjoy the little moments from now on. That we won’t take anything for granted and that we will all try to soak up every second of the things we do no matter what it is. I also hope that we all have been able to grow in our relationships with our families.” - Sarah Ann Wilson

“I hope that this teaches us all that anything can happen and you have to learn to live with it because you can’t change it.” - Rebecca Wittek 

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