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Principal's Message - Virtual Student Orientation

Parents and Students ,

LHS Harmon is proud to release our 2020-2021 Virtual Student Orientation.  We hope that this will answer many of your questions and provide the necessary tools for a successful start to the school year.  Our teachers, staff, and administrators are eager to see you next week.  We have truly missed you and can’t wait to start the school year with you.  We have provided an electronic form for you to fill out should you have any questions or concerns (at the end of the orientation).  This virtual orientation will be available by clicking on the attached link in the Skylert email sent this afternoon, on social media outlets and also on our website

LHS- Harmon is celebrating our 10 year Anniversary!  This will be a year like no other!  We are eager, ready, and determined to make this year great.  Don’t forget to check out the virtual orientation…See you soon!

Click Here to View Our Orientation


Joi Cartmill


Lewisville High School-Harmon

Twitter: @CoachCartmill1