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Student Tech Help

iPad Tech Support
Students can receive iPad support in the following ways:
(1) complete an iPad support request here. 
(2) visit the library to complete an iPad support request.
(3) see the technician in the front office on campus-specified days during block lunch.

Student District Email Address

All students should be using their district email accounts. Students, please check your email account frequently; teachers and administrators will send important information to your district email account.

If you don't know your district email account, click HERE, sign in with your regular network user name and password.  Make note of your school Google email which will appear in the upper right hand corner of the screen in the circle that contains your initial.  It will be in this format **** .

Student Acceptable Use Policy

For additional helpful resources, see attached resources including:
  • Obtaining a Free Apple iTunes account
  • Backing Up Data on the iPad
Go to  HHS9 Library site and click the iPad Resources tab for helpful videos on the above mentioned topics.