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Hebron & Hebron 9 Family Notice | Sept. 13

Hebron High School and Hebron 9 Families, 

This morning HHS and HHS9 were placed on a Hold and Secure while campus administrators and the Carrollton Police Department responded to a threatening phone call received at HHS. The situation has been fully investigated and both the Hold and Secure have been lifted. All students and staff are safe and we are now returning to our regular schedule. Out of an abundance of caution, we will have an increased law enforcement presence for the rest of the day. 

I am proud of the way our students and staff responded to this brief disruption to our normal schedule, and I am grateful for the quick response from our staff and the Carrollton Police Department to ensure the safety of our campus. 

Hold and Secures are part of our Standard Response Protocol, which you can read more about on the LISD website. As always, the safety of our students and staff at Hebron and Hebron 9 is our top priority. Thank you for your continued support of our schools.


Amy Boughton
Hebron High School

Amanda Werneke
Hebron High School 9th Grade Campus