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Hebron High School Senior Spotlight

Get to know the HHS Class of 2020!


2020 Senior Spotlight

2020 Graduation Information

Class of 2020 — we are proud of you! Congratulations on the tremendous accomplishment of graduating. This spring has brought unexpected challenges, but challenges are nothing new to you! We know you will persevere, overcome and continue striving toward your next goal. 

Graduation ceremonies for the Class of 2020 will be held at Texas Motor Speedway. You can watch the graduation stream live, from your home. To see all Lewisville ISD (LISD) graduation dates, details and FAQs, please visit



We want to celebrate with you! Share all your final senior posts and graduation photos with the LISD community by using “#LISDgrads” on your favorite social media accounts. 

HHS Valedictorian


Valedictorian Aisha Aslam

Parents: Najish Aslam, Waseem Aslam

Where do you plan to attend college?

Southern Methodist University

What do you plan to major in, and what are your career plans?

I plan to double major in Economics and Mathematics. I hope to work with the US government or with different international governments on economic policies.

What school activities have you been involved in?

Make-A-Wish, Latin Club/JCL, DECA, Science National Honor Society, National Honor Society, Key Club

What teacher impacted you the most and how? 

Mrs. Kerri Boyd, my sophomore year Pre-AP Chemistry teacher and my junior year AP Chemistry teacher, impacted me the most. She made a subject that I previously had no interest in incredibly interesting and enjoyable. Besides being a great teacher, she was always giving us invaluable advice on high school and being a teenager.

What are your favorite memories of school?

Although my state trips were cancelled this year, I really enjoyed all the district and state competitions I took part in over the years, including Latin Club/JCL, DECA, and Debate. I learned so much from sponsors, students at Hebron, and students from across the state, but I will always remember staying up late with friends and making fun memories.

How do you hope history remembers the Class of 2020?

The Class of 2020 may be known for missing out on senior trips, last days, proms, and [regular] graduations, but we will be remembered for rising to the occasion, bettering the world, and making a lifetime of memories, having been equipped with our education and strengthened with our experiences.

What advice do you have for future high school graduates?

These four years of high school will zoom by, so make every moment worthwhile. Discover your passions, learn and challenge yourself, develop friendships, and be grateful for the family, teachers, and friends that got you there. Most importantly, figure out who you are, who you want to be, and why.

HHS Salutatorian


Salutatorian Jenna Fitzgerald

Parents: John Fitzgerald, Joy Fitzgerald

Where do you plan to attend college?

Baylor University

What do you plan to major in, and what are your career plans?

I'm majoring in University Scholars with concentrations in biochemistry, journalism, and Spanish. I plan on attending either medical school or dental school after college.

What school activities have you been involved in?

Yearbook, Science NHS, Spanish NHS, NHS, and Passing Hats.

What teacher impacted you the most and how? 

Mrs. Gale Hunt—my Pre-AP/AP Chemistry teacher and Science NHS sponsor—impacted me the most. She helped me decide what career path I wanted to pursue, showed me that one bad grade isn't the end of the world, and celebrated with me every time I had good news about college or scholarships. She genuinely cares about what her students become.

What are your favorite memories of school?

My favorite memories of school definitely took place with my yearbook family. I'll forever remember exploring D.C. during the national high school journalism convention, having Disney sing-alongs, and essentially becoming an Uber Eats driver when I would pick up Wendy's for everyone before work nights.

How do you hope history remembers the Class of 2020?

I hope history doesn't look back at the class of 2020 with any pity. While we did miss out on some hallmark senior events, we still have so many good memories from the rest of our time at Hebron; scholars, athletes, musicians, journalists, and more have achieved so much in our years here. I hope history chooses to remember us as those accomplished, driven, strong students as opposed to simply the class of COVID-19.

What advice do you have for future high school graduates?

Even if you're focused on academics, you should find an extracurricular that you're passionate about and dedicate yourself to it. Whether it's a sport, a fine art, or a journalism staff, it will give you a break from rigorous academics, make high school much more fun, and give you the opportunity to meet new people.

HHS Top Ten

HHS #3

3. Sarina Attri

College: The University of Texas at Austin | Major: Public health in the Dean’s Scholars honors program | Career Plans: Scientific research or something similar

School Activities | Student Council, National Honor Society, Science National Honor Society, Theatre, Key Club, Ruckus & Rowdy, Prom Committee, and FCCLA

Teacher Who Impacted you Most | I truly cannot pick just one teacher! I am so grateful for every teacher I have had because they have shaped me into the person I am today. They have given me a love of learning and have taught me to be kind, resilient, and hard-working. My teachers have made me look forward to going to school every day and have left me with so many great memories.

Favorite School Memories | Making new friends, spirit days, school trips, and student council activities.

Remembering the Class of 2020 | I hope that history will prove that the Class of 2020 became strong and resilient from our experiences. I hope that future generations will be inspired by how we made the best of a tough situation and will have a greater appreciation for high school traditions and time spent with friends. I hope we serve as a reminder to not take anything for granted and to live in the moment—because the future is truly unpredictable.

Advice to Underclassmen | Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone. I believe that success and growth only happen when you are willing to get out of your comfort zone. Don’t let fear of failure keep you from doing something you are passionate about. The people who accomplish the most have also overcome the most failure. Don’t be too hard on yourself! Remember to have fun in high school because the years go by so fast.

HHS #4

4. Ashwin Mathew

College: Texas A&M University | Major: Kinesiology | Minor: Sports Management minor in the Partnership for Primary Care Program | Career Plans: Physician

School Activities | I was in DECA, TSA, SNHS, and BPA, and held officer positions in NHS and HOSA. Also shoutout to Hebron ASA!

Teacher Who Impacted you Most | Jeannette Rooks (English 3 AP) - She impacted me the most because she showed me the impact that working to improve on the little things had on you as a whole. She also taught me to really cherish the time that you spend improving and revising, so that you grow as a person. She also helped me immensely in preparing for the PSAT and SAT/ACT.

Favorite School Memories | My favorite memories from school were definitely going to Orlando for DECA’s ICDC, my senior year BPA trip in downtown Dallas, and the block lunch days sitting in Mr. Woodward’s room with all the guys. I will also forever remember Mr. Zuber and his amazing lectures.

Remembering the Class of 2020 | I think up until the abrupt ending to the school year, the class of 2020 was doing great things for Hebron. This has definitely been a class that has made a tremendous impact, so I hope that in the midst of this pandemic, our class is remembered for all the things it did. I also want to see our class come out of this with our heads high and keep moving forward.

Advice to Underclassmen | My advice to future high school graduates is to find out what is really important to you, and what you want to gain from your high school experience. Find out what you want to accomplish, and work as hard as you can to get to your goals. You get out what you put in.

HHS #5

5. Diya Baby

College: University of Texas at Dallas | Major: Biochemistry | Career Plans: Researcher

School Activities | National Honor Society, Academic Decathlon

Teacher Who Impacted you Most | My Academic Decathlon coaches, Donna Friend and Travis Zuber, have had a significant impact on my life. They believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself and have helped me grow into a more confident person.

Favorite School Memories | I’ll never forget the fun I had on field days in elementary school, the time I’ve spent with my AcDec family at competitions, or the countless hours I’ve spent laughing and learning with my best friends! 

Remembering the Class of 2020 | I hope that history remembers the Class of 2020 as resilient. Most of my classmates were disappointed that this last semester didn’t turn out as expected, but they’ve made the most of the situation by helping others and refusing to lose hope.

Advice to Underclassmen | Don’t forget your roots and the people who have helped you get to where you are today, whether it be friends, family, or teachers. Also, don’t worry too much about the future, enjoy the now!

HHS #6

6. Abraham Le

College: Texas Tech University | Major: Microbiology

School Activities | DECA, TSA, HOSA, NHS, SNHS, and Academic Decathlon

Teacher Who Impacted you Most | Ms. Julie Cone in both AP Physics 1 and AP Environmental Science, because her overall attitude towards teaching made the class a wonderful atmosphere to be a part of.

Favorite School Memories | Going on various school-sponsored trips each year provided many days of memorable experiences every year.

Remembering the Class of 2020 | The Class of 2020 should be remembered for its ability to adapt to the circumstances surrounding the difficult, final semester and maintaining productivity during that time.

Advice to Underclassmen | A number shouldn't determine your self worth.

HHS #7

7. Philip Ng

College: University of Texas at Austin | Major: Business Honors, IB

School Activities | Debate, DECA

Teacher Who Impacted you Most | Cameron Vaziri, Debate - Vaziri was my teacher, my mentor, and most importantly, my friend. His ambiguous, lighthearted personality made school something to look forward to, which inadvertently made me a better student. 

Favorite School Memories | Every Monday, I loved heading to my Advisory room with my trusty ID around my neck, knowing I would be spending my next half hour on productivity. I also relished the clicking noise of a locked bathroom door handle; the relatable looks you'd get created a sense of school unity.

Remembering the Class of 2020 | I hope history remembers the sacrifices people made. Those who endured endless hours of work, those who couldn't see their families, and those who lost their lives. We, the class of 2020, may have missed out on precious memories, but we still have the opportunity to make many more.

Advice to Underclassmen | Even if a class you're taking isn't important to you, doesn't go towards your career path, or just isn't interesting, still take it seriously. Sometimes it's more about the mentality, not the content, that takes you further in life.

HHS #8

8. Zachary Grasty

College: Drake University | Major: Double Major in Actuarial Science and Data Analytics | Career Plans: Take the Actuarial Exams so I can become a Fellow in one of the Actuarial Societies and get a job in either insurance or consulting.

School Activities | Tennis, Latin Club

Teacher Who Impacted you Most | CJ Cowgill. He was my tennis coach not only during middle and high school, but for almost my entire life. I consider him a mentor and a friend. He always supported me throughout tennis and life. He pushed me to be my best self both on and off the court. He taught me to persevere when things weren't going my way and how to stay calm in tough situations. Without Coach Cowgill, I doubt I would've accomplished as much as I have.

Favorite School Memories | My favorite memory was during freshman year when two of my friends and I created a game for computer science called "Don't Name It Yet." It was called that because we didn't want to name it until after we finished, but the name stuck. We had so much fun writing the story and implementing parts of the game. Even though it wasn't a complete game, it still had a lot of charm to it.

Remembering the Class of 2020 | I hope history remembers the Class of 2020 as the one that had to persevere through the unluckiest of circumstances. We put in so much work, yet when the time for celebrating our accomplishments came, it got heavily changed due to a pandemic.

Advice to Underclassmen | Make sure you don't leave high school with any regrets.

HHS #9

9. Amogh Bhatnagar

College: Texas A&M University | Major: BIMS | Career Plans: Cardiologist

School Activities | Tennis, TSA, HOSA, DECA, SNHS, NHS

Teacher Who Impacted you Most | Ryan Woodward, AP Calculus AB/BC teacher. One of the few teachers I've had that created an environment that I was always excited to come to for class.

Favorite School Memories | Pep rallies, team matches/tournaments, and traveling on trips with my friends to compete for the clubs I was a part of.

Remembering the Class of 2020 | I hope history remembers the hard work Hebron staff has put into helping the Class of 2020 through this tough end to our high school experience; they have done a fantastic job with keeping us informed and safe as they guide us towards graduation.

Advice to Underclassmen | As someone who had to go through this quarantine as a senior, remember to enjoy your senior year. You only graduate from high school once, so appreciate the time you have with those you care about.

HHS #10

10. Krish Patel

College: The University of Texas at Dallas | Major: Neuroscience | Career Plans: Anesthesiologist

School Activities | Debate, NHS, SNHS, DECA, HOSA, TSA

Teacher Who Impacted you Most | Travis Zuber, the APUSH teacher, has probably impacted me the most since he has taught me to look at situations from a different perspective as there are always two sides to any story.

Favorite School Memories | My favorite memories of high school are hanging out with my friends during school trips or while writing up labs for chemistry.

Remembering the Class of 2020 | I hope people remember the Class of 2020 as those who have sacrificed a lot yet stayed strong.

Advice to Underclassmen | Never procrastinate since that has hurt me a lot due to numerous late grades in the gradebook.

National Merit Finalists

To become a National Merit Finalist, semifinalists and their high schools must submit a detailed scholarship application in which they provide information about the semifinalist’s academic record, participation in school and community activities, demonstration of leadership abilities and honors and awards received.

  • Sarina A. Attri | Hebron Valley, Creek Valley, HHS
  • Diya Baby | Hebron Valley, Creek Valley, HHS
  • Amogh Bhatnagar | Castle Hills, Killian, HHS
  • Connor E. Bowling | Indian Creek, Arbor Creek,  HHS
  • Austin D. Nguyen | Coyote Ridge, Creek Valley, HHS
  • Christopher Park | Castle Hills, Killian, HHS
  • Rhett Reasonover | Homestead, Arbor Creek, HHS
  • Colin K. Welty | Hicks, Arbor Creek, HHS
  • Samuel Woods | Hebron Valley, Creek Valley, HHS

Collegiate Athletics

HHS Collegiate Athletics

Congratulations to the student-athletes who have committed or signed their letters of intent to play collegiate sports.

Thomas Henry III | Eastfield College
Asher Mote | Northern Oklahoma College
Garrison Rice | Navarro College

Sierra Dickson | Texas State University
Logan McLaughlin | Abilene Christian University

Cross Country/Track
Abigail Amon | Stephen F. Austin
Jaylin Betts | Southern Nazarene University
Jake Hagood | John Brown University
Nathan Karseno | Lubbock Christian University
Kennedy Luewellyn | University of Alabama
Nevaeh Pantoja | Texas Tech
Gavin Welch | Dallas Baptist University

Kayden Carter | Southeastern Oklahoma University
Anton Ferrara | Oklahoma State University
Carson Harris | Lamar University
Myles James | Cisco College
Saxon Lewis | Missouri Southern State University
Jaylon Lott | The University of Texas at San Antonio
Carter Norrie | Southwestern Oklahoma State University
Justin Pham | Texas Wesleyan University
Ben Rutherford | Southern Nazarene University
Darius Snow | Michigan State University
Will White | United States Air Force Academy

Jun Park | University of Manhattan
Luke Lowetz | University of Mary Hardin-Baylor

Olivia Hasler | Texas Christian University
Omar Thompson | DePaul University
Briley Weatherford | Texas Tech University
Hannah Wrigley | University of South Florida

Nnedi Okammor | University of Florida

Collegiate Fine Arts

HHS Collegiate Fine Arts

Congratulations to the HHS students continuing their fine arts education in college.

El(isabeth) Champion | Art Center College of Design
Hailey Courtney | Sam Houston State University
Daniel DesCamp | Kansas City Art Institute
Carolina Hunsperger | Community
Ashley Kim | Rhode Island School of Design
Jeung Mean Kim | PrattMWP College of Art & Design 

Jonathan Asplund | Baylor University
Lauren Hanifan | Texas Christian University
Peyton Joffre | Stephen F. Austin State University
Craig Schroeder | University of North Texas 

Nicholas Nair | University of Oklahoma
Miranda Tate | University of Mississippi 

Jamila Thomas | Alabama State University 

Naomi Phillip | Collin College

Giselle Jung | Texas State University
Krishna Nair | Baylor University

Senior Voices

HHS Senior Voices

With school buildings and facilities forced to close due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, we asked some seniors to share how they hope they have grown from this experience. Hear even more from our seniors on our Senior Voices page.

The end of your final semester of high school has been unique, to say the least. How do you hope you and your classmates have grown, or will grow from this experience?

“I hope they've grown to be the people they've always wanted to be, unapologetically themselves because what more can you ask for?” - Shruti Ada 

“Hopefully it makes everyone not take the little things for granted.” - Emilia Grace Ahn 

“I hope my classmates and I will learn to appreciate all the little moments. We may not have prom, a full graduation, or our senior trip, but we had friends along the way that made us look forward to those events. The little moments are just as important as the big moments, and I hope we’ll take that lesson into our future.” - Aisha Aslam 

“I hope this pandemic teaches not just the Class of 2020, but especially future Hebron students to never take anything for granted. You only get to spend 4 years at high school, so appreciate the time you have with those you care about.” - Amogh Bhatnagar 

“I hope everyone will learn how to connect with one another, even through the dangers of a pandemic.” - Noah Scott Boyd 

“I hope that no one takes anything for granted. You never know what you have until it's gone. When you can't hug your best friend or your favorite teacher goodbye. When you don't get your senior skip day or your lame prank. Cherish the little memories.” - Kaitlyn Curtin 

“I hope that everyone, myself included, learns to never take anything for granted because you never know when it can all be taken away from you. I hope everyone has taken this time to sit back and appreciate everything they have, and that we all come out of this better than before!” - Anna Claire Dean 

“We all learned to never take anything for granted. Coming into senior year we knew we would have a senior prom, graduation, skip day, senior prank, six flags day, graduation parties, and many other senior events. But, we never realized that it could all be taken away. With that being said, I hope classes behind us will never take their senior year for granted.” - Kayla Elizabeth DeLay 

“Our senior year ending was a complete let down, to say the least. We have no control over any of this, though and the thought of every senior in the world going through this as well, puts at least some of our minds to ease that we are all going through it together. I think we have all learned to never take even the simplest things for granted, and we will all come out on top of this stronger and ready to thrive in college.” - Maycie Dibler 

“I hope that everyone realizes that literally anything can be taken away from you in an instant. Nobody is guaranteed anything in this world, and with this virus, all the cancellations, and abrupt end to our high school journey, makes this very clear. Just be grateful for all the things we did get to do.” - Lauren Paige Edwards 

“While we definitely expected to get to do all of the senior traditions every class before us did, I think not having that opportunity shows us what a blessing it really is. This experience has shown us that plans change, and you just have to move along and change with them.” - Avery Evans

“Truthfully, nobody was fully prepared for this pandemic. But I hope that everyone has learned to appreciate everything in their life a little bit more.” - Anna Elizabeth Furnival  

“Patience, adaptativity, and perseverance are just a few of many words I would give to how the class of 2020 has grown through this time. While many of us are questioning this uncertain time, I think conscious and subconsciously, we are cultivating for what may come in the world. With an ever-changing society, this pandemic is the perfect segway for adapting this fickle world. Patience has come to the vagueness of end of this time. Adaptivity, from the transition of senior year to online school and college. Perseverance, from keeping going with many memories and making do with what we have, in terms of social distancing, school, and work.” - Braden Galvan 

“I think we’re all learning how to be held accountable for doing work while facing the distractions of being at home. This is a skill that wouldn’t be fostered as much without the quarantine, and it’s something important to carry with us to college.” - Katherine Alexander Haas 

“The COVID-19 pandemic definitely turned what was supposed to be the highlight of high school into a boring and isolated time. Things such as graduation, prom, our senior trip, and our last "official" day of high school are getting cancelled one after another. While it was a conclusion none of us were expecting, it definitely taught me to value the little things in life and not take any moment for granted.” - Allan Jacob 

“I hope everyone has the opportunity to find out what they want for themselves in the future, now that it seems time has slowed down, and that we need to prepare ourselves for challenges ahead.” - Kely Nicole Juan 

“I hope we all keep our heads up, and make sure to not let this negatively impact our dreams.” - Ashley Nicole Kendrick 

“I learned to not wait for the right moment because it may never come. I learned that life’s unpredictable, so I should just live every day like my last.” - Ashley Taeeun Kim 

“This final semester of high school is always special. Clearly, this has not changed, though certainly not for the better. The world was not expecting to face a pandemic in such a short notice. After these tough times pass, I hope that my classmates and I will have more developed abilities to analyze and cope with issues in life through compensation and change. I hope that this experience will prepare us by demonstrating that even the most extreme circumstances can happen at any time without warning and that we should be prepared to deal with these situations accordingly. During this situation, it is also easy to lose track of our future goals. As seniors, we are about to step into society as contributing members and adults. With this experience behind us, I also hope that we will emerge as more mature and strong people.” - Bruce Mang 

“I hope that we will all understand that hardships extend beyond just what affects us. The thing I have learned throughout this experience is that while it may feel like I'm missing and losing a lot, I'm thankful for what I have.” - Abigail Mascorro 

“We came into high school expecting to have a graduation, prom etc. We became slightly entitled and began to take all that we had for granted. We constantly begged for more or for something to be improved upon or for something to better accommodate our needs. What we didn't realize until now is how good we have it and that everything isn't promised. It's unfortunate that it had to happen this way but my mom always says that life is the best teacher, and taught us it has.” - Mariah McCardell 

“I hope that we learn to not take things for granted. Through this experience I have missed not being able to see my teammates and friends everyday and I hope in the future we will realize that even things like going to school can be taken away and to be grateful for the little things life has to offer.” - Ross McKee 

“Pretty sure we won't take anything for granted ever again.” - Daxia Melton 

“To never take things for granted. Respect the time and effort you put into things.” - Krishna Nair 

“We have become more understanding and independent.” - Stacy Nguyen 

"Our current situation has been completely unprecedented and has impacted every aspect of our lives. Yet, the magnitude of this experience has the force to make our class, school, and district grow in character to become appreciative of our surroundings, even of things we held for granted before. We have learned to appreciate the ability to attend school, to be around friends and family, and most importantly to be healthy. We are so fortunate to be living in such an incredible district that puts our well-being and safety before everything and that has the resources to keep classrooms operating. I just hope we continue to grow as a community and appreciate everything we have!" - Fernanda Galvez Orozco

“I hope we have grown and bettered ourselves individually, spiritually and emotionally. We are able to manage our time and also be able to be strong while it is upsetting about our last semester.” - Nevaeh Pantoja 

“I hope that my classmates will create something great out of a bad situation, and I hope we all succeed in the next chapter of our lives.” - Ava Parker 

“I think this time at home has made me more grateful for the time I have in school, learning with my teachers and friends. Not only that, but I took simple things in life like going out for food or hanging out with my friends for granted and this was a nice wake up call to remember to cherish the little moments in life. I hope my classmates, while we have missed a vital part of high school, have enjoyed their time in school with their friends and remember to value every second and moment of their lives with the loved ones around them.” - Alisha Patel 

“I hope we stop taking each other’s company and school for granted as since we are now separated we realize the importance of our friends and teachers.” - Krish Patel 

“My mom always told me not to get too comfortable with my plans because life might take me a different route. This concept has been especially important in times like this. I hope this teaches everyone to let life take its toll and adapt to the situations that are unchangeable. I think it has also made people recognize that we can easily take for granted the simple things in life which in this case was school. Hopefully people can learn to appreciate every chapter of life for what it is.” - Lexi Pepper 

“I think we will grow with technology and learn how to contact each other better when we’re away from one another and off at college. I think we all learned to not take things for granted because you never know when something can go away that fast and like that.” - Caitlin Pope 

“I hope that everyone has used this time to reflect on all the amazing experiences our years at Hebron have given us. I know it's hard, and frustrating at times, but the hardest hill to climb is that life is simply not fair. There is no normal. Nothing about our four years at Hebron has been "normal". Most of us were born in the midst of 9/11, lived through news of school shootings around the world, and even been threatened that the world is ending. But, above all, we have remained calm and determined to finish our education. We have made a decision to focus, study, and stay in school, which will lead to many amazing opportunities. I hope the class has learned not to take life for granted, because we have seen so many times how valuable our lives are. I hope coming out of this, we are able to look at the world with a whole new perspective, and live life to the fullest.” - Logan Ray 

“This is not how the class of 2020 thought the rest of our year was supposed to go. We were supposed to have events like prom, powderpuff, and graduation. I believe that this taught us never to take a single moment for granted because we never know what is going to happen. I hope that from here on out we are thankful for every little blessing in life.” - Isabella Rogers 

“I hope that most of us have learned not to take anything for granted. We never knew that this year, our senior year, was going to end so quickly but I believe this experience has taught us how to stay more positive and optimistic during these difficult times.” - Carsen Kennedy Schaefer 

“I think with this experience we will be closer in the future. We have this to bond over for the rest of our lives. We are the class that didn’t get the end of our senior year.” - Catherine Shepard 

“I have learned to never take things for granted and embrace the moments you’re in because you never know what lies ahead. Live your life to the fullest, love the best you know how, and don’t ignore the little happy parts of life.” - Morgan Snyder

“I hope people learn that they should not eat any kind of animal because we don't have a second COVID-20, and hopefully all of us will grow as good persons, find a nice job, meet someone special and be happy with a good life. At least we made it! We finished High school, now let's go for college!” - Mario Ventura Uriarte 

“People are learning to adapt to changes.” - Larsen Vallecillo 

“I hope that after this final semester my classmates and I will have grown to become better leaders, particularly in times of inconvenience, by following the examples of our wonderful teachers and administrators who guided us as we shifted from in-school learning to online learning.” - Robert J. Werner 

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