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AP Biology Summer Assignment

AP Biology Summer Assignments

AP Biology is a vigorous, yet manageable and rewarding class. In order to meet the demands of the curriculum it is necessary for you to complete some work before you come back in August. The College Board Objectives outlined for AP Biology are broad and deep. We have the months of August-May to complete the curriculum prior to AP testing in May. In order to cover the ENTIRE curriculum, we must dive into our learning during the summer months.  

The assignment described below is due by Wednesday, August 7(submitted via CANVAS).  If the assignment is not complete and submitted properly by the specified due date, you will be leveled down to a pre-AP Biology class.

Read chapters 1 - 4 in the online textbook. For each chapter, fill out the reading guide, complete the online activities in MasteringBiology, and then take an online quiz.

  • Reading Guides - Go to the CANVAS website to download and print the chapter reading guides. Read the chapter while filling out the reading guide. The reading guides will be worth daily grades and are due Wednesday August 7.  These can be dropped off at the front office of either campus.
  • Online Activities - Log on to and go to the assignment titled “activities” for each of the chapters. This consists of tutorials and activities that will reinforce the concepts from the chapter. The activities will be worth daily grades and are due Wednesday, August 7 by 11:59 pm.
  • Online Quizzes - After you have read and feel confident that you have reviewed the content in the chapter, then you will take a timed quiz.  All quizzes will be due Wednesday, August 7 by 11:59 pm. Each chapter has a different number of questions and therefore will have different time limits. These will be worth separate quiz grades and you will only have one chance to take the quiz, no exceptions.


For online portion of the summer assignment you must complete the following in MasteringBiology. Approximate time that each activity will take is in parenthesis.  

        1.  Chapter 1 activities (80 minutes) and Chapter 1 quiz (20 minutes)
        2. Chapter 2 activities (15 minutes) and Chapter 2 quiz (10 minutes)
        3. Chapter 3 activities (50 minutes) and Chapter 3 quiz (15 minutes)
        4. Chapter 4 activities (20 minutes) and Chapter 4 quiz (15 minutes)


To be enrolled in the CANVAS course or if there are any issues with the requirements contained in the summer project please contact:

Renee Wilson


Sonya Smith