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Flower Mound High School Senior Spotlight

Get to know the FMHS Class of 2020!

2020 Senior Spotlight

2020 Graduation Information

Class of 2020 — we are proud of you! Congratulations on the tremendous accomplishment of graduating. This spring has brought unexpected challenges, but challenges are nothing new to you! We know you will persevere, overcome and continue striving toward your next goal. 

Graduation ceremonies for the Class of 2020 will be held at Texas Motor Speedway. You can watch the graduation stream live, from your home. To see all Lewisville ISD (LISD) graduation dates, details and FAQs, please visit



We want to celebrate with you! Share all your final senior posts and graduation photos with the LISD community by using “#LISDgrads” on your favorite social media accounts. 

FMHS Valedictorian

Top Ten - Val

Valedictorian Ryan Lee

Parents: Doo Hun Lee, Hyo Mi Kim

Where do you plan to attend college?

Vanderbilt University

What do you plan to major in, and what are your career plans?

I plan to major in Biochemistry and Chemical Biology. My goal is to pursue a pre-med track and eventually attend medical school.

What school activities have you been involved in?

I was mostly involved in Junior ROTC and Academic Decathlon throughout high school. However, I also participated in Chess Club, Future Medical Leaders, Key Club, National Honor Society, as well as Science and English honor societies.

What teacher impacted you the most and how? 

AP Statistics teacher Julie Tipton and English teacher Allie Schmaltz, my two Academic Decathlon coaches, were two of the most influential teachers I had. Their passionate enthusiasm for teaching and interacting with students always created a positive environment for us, fostering teamwork and confidence. My time in ACDEC allowed me to get closer to my coaches, who became my mentors, guiders, and supporters during my last years of high school.

What are your favorite memories of school?

Thinking back, I think the hours I spent after school participating in clubs or other group activities were some of the most enjoyable and memorable moments in my high school life. Whether I was practicing drill with my fellow ROTC cadets or talking with chess club members during a meeting, they were opportunities for me to forget the pressure from academics and just have fun with my friends.

How do you hope history remembers the Class of 2020?

I’m sure nobody expected this semester to end like this. Many opportunities were taken from us as we were forced into a tough situation. However, I saw my classmates continue to stay in contact with friends and find new activities, all while still remembering to do school work. Overcoming the difficulties that we faced, the Class of 2020 remained strong and, just like past or future graduates, managed to graduate successfully.

What advice do you have for future high school graduates?

One thing I wish for future high school graduates to remember is that high school is just one chapter of life. Don’t overexert yourself, in body and mind. Sometimes it’s alright to pause and take a break, maybe find something you like to do to relax. Instead of looking back at the mess you’ve made, look for ways to clear your path to the future.

FMHS Salutatorian


Salutatorian Tarun Gunampalli

Parents: Satya Gunampalli, Jaya Gunampalli

Where do you plan to attend college?

University of Texas at Austin

What do you plan to major in, and what are your career plans?

Computer Science

What school activities have you been involved in?

Robotics, UIL, DECA

What teacher impacted you the most and how? 

Matthew Murdock. Pre-AP Algebra 2. Mr. Murdock was really everything I could ask for in a teacher. He was friendly, outgoing, helpful, funny at times, and never failed to make class interesting. Mundane lessons were made fun by his constant happy personality and occasional joke, and he always managed to mix in more advanced topics that interested me as a math nerd and really drove me more and more to learn, even outside of his class the last 3 years of school. I can always count on him to help me, whether my problems arose from in the classroom or out of it. As a UIL coach, he made sure I was always up to date on everything going on, and I always felt like he had a more personal relationship with each of his students than most other teachers. Because of this, I'll always remember him as one of my best teachers.

What are your favorite memories of school?

Breaking up long lectures and tests were my favorite memories of the 8-minute passing periods, where I could converse freely with not only my friends, but my teachers as well. In those minutes before, my teachers actually became my teachers. I remember playing hacky sack with Mr. Parsons and my class, talking with Mr. Yeatts and my tablemates, and hearing Mr. Pippin share random, yet interesting tidbits of history.

How do you hope history remembers the Class of 2020?

I would make sure that everyone that comes after us doesn't take school for granted. Those 8 hours might be forced upon you, but Flower Mound High School is where I met my best friends and best teachers. Take advantage of the resources you've been given and cherish every moment with your friends, so that you can realize that school isn't always a burden, but an opportunity.

What advice do you have for future high school graduates?

Keep grades in the back of your mind, but keep your relationships and experiences in the front. Hours with friends will be remembered, but hours studying won't. Keep your grades up, and you'll be rewarded with more free time and less stress, which you can pour into creating stronger friendships that will last far longer than you remembering that the Siege of Baghdad occured in 1258 (and yes, I had to look that up).

FMHS Top Ten


3. Alexander Tang

College: University of Texas at Austin | Major: Economics

School Activities | Honor societies, UIL mathematics, robotics and academic decathlon.

Teacher Who Impacted you Most | David Parsons — Physics. In addition to being an amazing physics teacher, he always maintains a careful balance between learning and fun in his classroom. Every day in his classroom has been a blast.

Favorite School Memories | Half days were my favorite memories of school. The palpable atmosphere of excitement knowing that a break or weekend was near always made the school day a little more special.

Remembering the Class of 2020 | Social distancing is important! It’s great that we all came together and stood strong in the face of this crisis.

Advice to Underclassmen | Don’t procrastinate and try new things.


4. Selena Sheth

College: Brown University | Major: Health and Human Biology, Pre-med

School Activities | Choir- The Jaguar Chorale, WCC and the acapella group C’est la Vie, American Chemical Society, NHS, SNHS, EHS, and Mu Alpha Theta

Teacher Who Impacted You Most | Mrs. Jones- AP Chemistry. She is a huge mentor to me and made me fall in love with science! Thank you Mrs. Jones for everything!

Favorite School Memories | My favorite school memory is the choir’s Madrigal Dinner. The whole event is so exciting, and it is very emotional, ending with all the seniors crying by the last song.

Remembering the Class of 2020 | I hope they remember that despite this tough time, we are staying positive and persevering. We know we will get through this!

Advice to Underclassmen | As our beloved choir director says, don’t be tied to the outcome! Embrace the journey and love what you’re doing!


5. Lauren Pan

College: Johns Hopkins University | Major: Biomedical engineering, Pre-med

School Activities | I’ve tried out a lot of the activities that our school offers, including theatre tech, choir, art, academic decathlon, dance, and various honor societies and clubs. I also played ice hockey outside of school.

Teacher Who Impacted you Most | Mr. Dave Parsons, who teaches AP Physics 1,2, and C at our school, had the most impact on me. I met Mr. Parsons first in my junior year when I took AP Physics. He has such a fun sense of humor. I don’t think I’ve laughed so much in a class before. That’s not to say the class wasn’t stressful. I think physics is one of the only classes that could give me anxiety as soon as I stepped into that classroom. It’s probably one of the hardest classes I’ve ever taken. However, the way that Mr. Parsons teaches it and shows his approach to problem solving is so captivating. I honestly don’t think I would’ve even considered taking another year of physics (Physics C) if it wasn’t for the teacher. Actually, I think he could secretly be like a NASA engineer or something if he wanted. He’s so knowledgeable and intelligent. And he clearly shows that he cares about his students. As the most impactful teacher I’ve had in high school, he constantly inspires me to keep challenging myself.

Favorite School Memories | Honestly, as long as I was with my friends, I enjoyed every moment of high school. It’s not really about where you are or what you’re doing, but more so who you’re with. Although if I had to pick, it’s probably performing in Spring Show or field trips and school trips.

Remembering the Class of 2020 | We are the class that graduated online, the class that survived COVID-19. Though I’m fortunate enough not to have experienced the blunt of this pandemic, my heart goes out to my fellow classmates that are suffering right now.

Advice to Underclassmen | Don’t take your time in high school for granted! You don’t know when it could be suddenly stripped away from you. With that, cherish your friends and teachers. Don’t wait to tell them how much they mean to you.

FMHS Top Ten Student


6. Sarvani Ganapavarapu

College: University of Texas at Dallas | Major: Biochemistry | Career Plans: Physician

School Activities | Mu Alpha Theta Historian, SNHS, NHS, Flower Mound Golf Team

Teacher Who Impacted you Most | Jill Barclay. I didn’t know how much of an impact a teacher could make on me until I met Mrs. Barclay. I felt extremely motivated to do well in her class since she always encouraged me. She is kind, helpful and selfless. She always made me feel appreciated. I will never forget her and the impact her class had on me. 

Favorite School Memories | My favorite memory is definitely dissecting a fetal pig in AP Biology. I remember getting so excited to blow up the lungs of the pig and being fascinated with the color change in the lungs. In golf, I always enjoyed having putting competitions with my friends during down time, right when it was about to get dark.

Remembering the Class of 2020 | History will remember us as resilient. We were able to make the best of the worst situation. Even though we lost some of our senior year, we are grateful our school made the right choice to protect our health. We still made lasting memories and left our impact at the school. 

Advice to Underclassmen | Don’t take this last year for granted. It could end sooner than you think. Enjoy the moments you’re living in. But, don’t forget to work hard to reach the future you want to have. Nothing comes easy without hard work.


7. Jane Luo

College: Undecided | Major: Computer Science, Grad School 

School Activities | Orchestra, National Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta

Teacher Who Impacted you Most | Leslie Gibson, Chemistry: The positivity and joy radiating from Mrs. Gibson every time I walk into her classroom always brightens my day. She tries her best to help every student, and I truly appreciate the encouragement she gives to all of us.

Favorite School Memories | My favorite memories of school always occur every year after AP exams are over, when I can relax with my classmates and look forward to summer break. During this period of time, I tend to strengthen bonds with the people around me.

Remembering the Class of 2020 | I hope history doesn't pity the Class of 2020 for being the class with an abrupt ending, but rather admires us for our resiliency and determination to make memories and seek out unconventional opportunities despite the unforeseen circumstances.

Advice to Underclassmen | My advice is to maintain a consistent sleep schedule and set aside time for yourself to take a break every now and then. To a limited extent, stress and pressure are normal aspects of high school, but both mental and physical health should occupy the highest priority over everything else. Other than that, reach outside of your comfort zone and make the most out of your high school experience!


8. Tanvi Oswal

College: University of Texas at Austin | Major: Neuroscience and Plan II Honors | Career Plans: Move abroad and work in policy and law.

School Activities | I was a section leader in band, as well as President of Students Demand Action FMHS and Vice President of Mu Alpha Theta. I was also involved in UIL, Model United Nations, NHS, EHS and SNHS.

Teacher Who Impacted you Most | The most impactful teachers I’ve had were the band directors - Ms. Jana Harvey, Mr. Brent Biskup and Mr. Kyle Ayoub. Band has been an integral part of my life these past four years, and the directors have helped me grow into a more confident, well-rounded person. Being in the program has given me such a supportive community and some of my best friends, and I’m beyond thankful for all the work the directors do.

Favorite School Memories | I loved working on group projects for Pre-AP Physics my junior year. My group would come up with crazy themes, and it was always so much fun - from bringing bags of toy dinosaurs to class to running around with Nerf guns and eating a ridiculous number of Eggo waffles - I learned so much and had a great time.

Remembering the Class of 2020 | This semester has been a shocking and bittersweet lesson in gratitude. It’s difficult watching much-anticipated events be cancelled, and we sometimes find ourselves feeling like these experiences have been stolen from us. But, we’ve found smaller, still-meaningful ways to celebrate, from home proms to neighborhood parades, and we’ve adapted. I hope our class sets an example that’s remembered: we found joy and camaraderie in incredibly unexpected places, and learned to take nothing for granted.

Advice to Underclassmen | Don’t take everything so seriously! Of course it’s important to work hard and study, but high school is also a great time to make friends and have fun. Don’t race through these years only thinking about your resume; don’t let one bad grade ruin your week. Take time to grow - not only academically but also personally - try new things, branch out, and enjoy it!!


9. Shreya Lingam 

College: University of Texas as Dallas | Major: Psychology, Pre-med track

School Activities | SNHS, NHS, Mu Alpha Theta, Academic Decathlon 

Teacher Who Impacted you Most | Julie Tipton (Academic Decathlon): Mrs. Tipton has not only been an outstanding Ac Dec coach who always has pushed us to our best, but she has also always been there for each of her students. Whether it be a participation in a casual discussion about whatever topic or acting as emotional support, Mrs. Tipton has truly created a community within the Ac Dec team that I am proud to have been a part of.

Favorite School Memories | My favorite memories of school would probably be in my senior year in the fall semester when my friends and I (who had a free first period) would sit in the front of Mr. Yeatts’ Calc class. Even though we would often do our own things during that time, I could always count on that congregation for mutual laughter and fun.

Remembering the Class of 2020 | I hope that history remembers the Class of 2020 as the class that persevered and finished off high school strong despite the tumultuous changes and as the class that was able to recognize as a whole the true importance of the community.

Advice to Underclassmen | I would advise future high school graduates to make sure that they enjoy their time in high school while they still have it. I would tell them to cherish the bonds and connections they made to others and to recognize the value of everyone who has made an impact on their life, whether it be big or small.

FMHS #10

10. Nikhil Guddati

College: University of Texas at Austin | Major: Business

School Activities | Co-Captain of our debate team and President of DECA.

Teacher Who Impacted you Most | Lauren Bailey. Ms. Bailey made learning fun, exciting, and interactive, and I always loved going to her class. Her passion for the class was really evident, and it made every subject interesting.

Favorite School Memories | My favorite memory of high school is the paninis during B lunch. I also loved going to state with the debate team and all the fun we had.

Remembering the Class of 2020 | I hope people appreciate their senior year because they are never going to know what they're missing until it's ripped out of your hands.

Advice to Underclassmen | Use the limited time you have doing stuff that you actually love to do, not stuff that you think you should be doing.

National Merit Finalists

To become a National Merit Finalist, semifinalists and their high schools must submit a detailed scholarship application in which they provide information about the semifinalist’s academic record, participation in school and community activities, demonstration of leadership abilities and honors and awards received.

  • Shruthi Annapureddy | Liberty, McKamy, FMHS
  • Caden S. Arras | Forest Vista, Forestwood, FMHS
  • Sean D. Berry | Liberty, McKamy, FMHS
  • Jonathan A. Cattoor | Garden Ridge, Shadow Ridge, FMHS
  • Jared D. Cluff | Old Settlers, Shadow Ridge, FMHS
  • Julian N. Cope | Old Settlers, Shadow Ridge, FMHS
  • Jorge Adan R. Corral | FMHS
  • Lillian H. Crawford | Wellington, McKamy, FMHS
  • Meenakshi Dara | Bluebonnet, Shadow Ridge, FMHS
  • Luke D. Farinelli | Forest Vista, Forestwood, FMHS
  • Nikhil S. Guddati | Liberty, McKamy, FMHS
  • Saumya R. Gunampalli | Liberty, McKamy, FMHS
  • Tarun R. Gunampalli | Liberty, McKamy, FMHS
  • Eric P. Haddad | Wellington, McKamy, FMHS
  • Ellie Heredia | Wellington, McKamy, FMHS
  • Thomas M. Kall | Bluebonnet, Shadow Ridge, FMHS
  • Brian T. Lee | Wellington, McKamy, FMHS
  • Ryan D. Lee | McKamy, FMHS
  • Shreya R. Lingam | Forestwood, FMHS
  • Jane Luo | Old Settlers, McKamy, FMHS
  • Travis D. McFarling | Forest Vista, Forestwood, FMHS
  • Raashi Mohan | McKamy, FMHS
  • Avinash D. Nair | Liberty, McKamy, FMHS
  • Tanvi Oswal | Old Settlers, McKamy, FMHS
  • Ishita Palit | Wellington, McKamy, FMHS
  • Malika Rao | Wellington, McKamy, FMHS
  • Saee M. Risbud | Bluebonnet, Shadow Ridge, FMHS
  • Elizabeth B. Roeling | Old Settlers, McKamy, FMHS
  • Nithin S. Samy | Garden Ridge, Forestwood, FMHS
  • Akhila Srinivas | Old Settlers, McKamy, FMHS
  • Aarthi Srinivasan | Forestwood, FMHS
  • Emily J. Su | Wellington, McKamy, FMHS
  • Michelle S. Sun | McKamy, FMHS
  • Samantha N. Surdek | Liberty, McKamy, FMHS
  • John M. Teague | Wellington, McKamy, FMHS
  • Kendall R. Tubbs | Old Settlers, Shadow Ridge, FMHS
  • Chukwusom A. Uzowihe | Old Settlers, Shadow Ridge, FMHS

Collegiate Athletics

FMHS Collegiate Athletics

Congratulations to the FMHS student-athletes who have committed or signed their letters of intent to play collegiate sports.

Cam Brown | TCU
Patrick Dunn | University of Houston
Zack Kuykendall | Ouachita Baptist University
Weston Peninger | Saint Joseph's University
Tyler Talbert | Dallas Baptist University

Jeff Mills | United States Air Force Academy
Makenzie Schott | Texas A&M University-Commerce

Alex Harden | West Texas A&M University
Travis McFarling | University of Pennsylvania
Blake Short | Stephen F. Austin State University

Sheridan Fenner | Black Hills State University
Caitlyn Matthews | University of Houston
McKenna Standifer | McMurry University
Delaney Wells | Northwestern State University of Louisiana

Kayla Wallace | Stephen F. Austin University

Swim and Dive
Aidan Clark | TCU
Brooke Dalbey | Kansas State University
Maggie Gholston | Auburn University
Jenna Watson | SMU
Jasmine Weiland | Fresno State
Kayla Wilson | University of Louisville

Ashton McCabe | Lyon College

Riley Abernethy | Austin College
Maci Godbey | The University of Texas at Tyler
Sarah Martinez | University of Houston

Collegiate Fine Arts

FMHS Collegiate Fine Arts

Congratulations to the FMHS students continuing their fine arts education in college.

Juliet Forehand | Stephens College
Isabelle Olson | University of North Texas 

Mike Donohue | Providence College 
Barrett Mayer | University of North Texas
Johniel Najera | Baylor University 
Miranda Smith | Northwestern University
Cade Wilson | University of North Texas 

Alyssa Hedding | University of Central Oklahoma 
Hannah Massey | Indiana University
Kassidy Montan | University of North Texas
Ariel Painter | University of North Texas
Courtney Parnitke | Texas Christian University
Zachary Rohwer | University of North Texas

Grace Archer | DePaul University 
Thomas Bumpass | Texas Tech University 
Carlie McGhee | KD Conservatory
Camryn Parnitke | Missouri State University
Shelby Tuffnell | Sam Houston State University

Senior Voices

FMHS Senior Voices

With school buildings and facilities forced to close due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, we asked seniors to share how they hope they have grown from this experience. Hear even more from our seniors on our Senior Voices page.

The end of your final semester of high school has been unique, to say the least. How do you hope you and your classmates have grown, or will grow from this experience?

"I think my peers and I have definitely gained a new understanding through all of this; we realized how many simple things we took for granted and come to appreciate all the small things that we treasure, even school surprisingly. I hope we can at least learn a valuable lesson from this unexpected turn of events and come out stronger than before with a new perspective." - Shivangi Agadi

“We really learned not to take anything for granted, you never know how soon it can be stripped from you.” - Cameron Brown 

“I hope it shows us that not everything is going to happen the way we expect it, so we need to be ready for anything to happen and be open to change. It has also shown us to live every moment like it is your last because you don’t know when it will actually be.” - Rachel Browning 

“I hope the class of 2020 grows by cherishing every memory and living in the moment because it can be taken away. I hope we stay positive and have a better outlook on things such as being thankful for a sunny day, seeing friends and going to class.” - Isabelle Capua 

“Even though basically all of my friends and peers were alike in a feeling of exhaustion with high school by the time spring break rolled around, I know very few of them who wouldn’t want to go back now. It really just goes to show that you can’t always count on getting closure when you planned, and it’s important to make your own special moments, because you never know if you won’t get another chance.” - Scott Convery 

“I hope that this experience teaches us that the little things in everyday life matter the most. No one saw this coming, so we also need to learn to trust in the process and trust that everything happens for a reason, even if we can’t see it right now.” - Lindsay Nicole Dombroski 

“Although this isn't the ideal ending any of us had in mind, some good has come from it. I feel the biggest way we all have grown from this is not taking the small things for granted. Having the final, and debatably best, part of high school taken away has taught us that we should go through life slower, fully enjoying every experience. Many times in high school we have rushed through things, many of us rushing to this time in our life right now. However, it's important to slow down and live in the moment. Once this is over, and the world opens back up, we are going to stop speeding through life. We now realize that we should take nothing for granted and we need to appreciate everything that we get to do while we have the chance to do it.” - Eric Haddad 

“It’s very difficult being away from my friends for so long, but we all definitely have grown a stronger friendship from being far from each other by facetiming or just keeping in touch. This definitely kind of shows what college will be like, not being able to see everyone.” - Mackenzie Marie Head 

“I hope we all come to appreciate our outstanding teachers to a much greater degree, and I hope that we will all become stronger individuals now that we have had a period where we have been forced to learn and maintain our health without help from teachers, coaches and friends.” - Thomas Kall 

“The end of the school year is very very unique! I just hope that right now everyone is safe at home with their families. I know online school is stressful and technology isn’t always on our side, but one thing I hope people learn/grow from is being patient. Being patient is a key form of living life in my opinion. People are not always going to be exactly how you want and need them, same with technology! But, you just have to be patient, communicate, and try not to stress about things too much.” - Macy Keller 

“I hope that with the social distancing, it’ll be easier to keep and maintain our friendships through college! We’ll be far apart, but during quarantine we’ve been calling more and more, so I hope this will continue as we graduate and head to college.” - Kaylynn Lauriano 

“This semester did not go as any of us had planned. For us, seniors especially, we were looking forward to all of the spring activities and events. However, I think that this experience has taught us to be resilient and that even amongst uncharted territories, we should remain strong and positive. Through this time, I believe that we have and are growing not only in our knowledge of ourselves but our creativity. We are stepping up to the challenges that are thrown at us and taking action instead of being complacent. It has definitely taught me the importance of connection and the ideal of looking at different perspectives. I hope that this experience will lead us to be a little more grateful for what we have and for what we get to fulfill, and we will look to it as an opportunity to grow and learn.” - Junia Lee 

“The thing I hope my classmates and I take from this experience is the ability to adapt to the many changing circumstances in our world. I also hope that we learned that nothing is permanent so we need to cherish as much as we can while it is still there. We were all expecting to have a fun final semester and it evidently didn’t turn out that way, so we need to live in the moment.” - Jacob Robert Lemon 

“I hope we will come out of this weird time more together than ever to help rebuild and reshape the aftermath of this pandemic.” - Caroline McCarrell 

“I hope that the Class of 2020 can come out of this better than any of us went into it. For some of us, this could've been the very first experience with true adversity that we have ever had. I hope that going through this gives us experience in how to overcome struggles that we will encounter in the future, and how to come out of them better and stronger than we went into them. I don't think there's a better lesson that we could be learning as we head out into the world.” - Zhanna Miller 

“I hope this will teach us to never take anything for granted, to always live life to its fullest and to take advantage of the opportunities to spend time with those closest to you.” - Michelle Pavlik 

“I think we will all be a bit more willing to change and adapt after all of this is over. We have all had a jumpstart in learning that particular lesson, so I hope it follows us into our adult lives. Additionally, I think we will all be more grateful for what we are able to do or have access to after quarantine is over because not being able to go places and see other people has taken a toll on some of us.” - Savannah Peterson 

“I think it will really better our class and our generation. I think we have seen how lucky and blessed we are and how things can change in the matter of days, and really in the matter of seconds.” - William Pottorff 

“I hope we learn not to take things for granted. We were all looking forward to senior spring and all the activities, and to have that ripped from us kind of tells us that nothing is ever guaranteed.” - Raquel Elizabeth Reyna 

“Right now, it's difficult to see how much we've grown. What was once abnormal, is now normal. However, it's obvious that we have all grown in one way: we recognize the importance of friends and social interaction. Since I first went into quarantine, I've been reaching out to friends more, calling to make sure they're okay and seeing how they're doing. But, more importantly, this period of self-isolation causes you to think about where you've gone wrong in past relationships. Personally, I have thought a lot about how I can be a better person and friend. So, whenever I go off to college, I know I'm leaving as the best version of myself. I think over the next year, we will appreciate our friends a little more. After all, our friends aren’t guaranteed.” - Samantha Surdek 

“I hope we all have a greater appreciation for the little things. I don’t think any of us will ever take for granted another tired Monday morning at school, or another practice that we just don’t have the energy to go to. I think once this is all over we will be more bonded as a class, and ready to give the next chapter of life our all.” - Katherine Elizabeth Timms 

“I believe that my classmates and I will become more respectful and appreciative of normalcy, or however close to normalcy we get. It is something that, in my opinion, virtually everyone took for granted, and many lessons are being learned from the situation a worldwide pandemic has put us in. It has shown that the natural way of life isn’t as stable or guaranteed as it felt only a few months ago. Personally, I have enjoyed connecting with friends on FaceTime, here in Flower Mound, and also reconnecting with other friends living in other parts of the world. One of my best friends lives in New Zealand and we have had the opportunity to talk and catch up for hours on end.” - Lewis Thomas Ward 

“This experience has made me realize how much I enjoyed going to school and socializing with my friends and teachers. Before this pandemic, I took going to school for granted but now I realize how much I enjoyed it.” - Tessa Welch 

“My classmates and I should take an alternate look at this experience in a way that will help us in the future. This experience proves to us that we need to enjoy every moment and not take anything for granted because we never know when something will end. I hope my classmates and I can also now understand what it means to persevere and get through these tough times because life will not always be easy. We need to now be fully prepared for obstacles like these in the future, so that they will not have as colossal of an effect. It’s still definitely hard knowing that our high school career is over, but we need to look at how blessed we are. Some people never even got to experience high school. There are far more people worse off than us, so we need to be more thankful for that.” - Carson Drake Winters 

“We are so mad that after 3.5 years of grinding, the super fun section of high school got stolen from us. It’s such a sad feeling, but I hope that instead of complaining about what we missed, we can look back on the good times we still got to have together.” - Julia Young 

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