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Cougar HELP SY 20/21


  1. What does Cougar HELP Offer?
    1. Cougar HELP English Tutorial: Mondays
    2. Cougar HELP Science Tutorial: Tuesdays
    3. Cougar HELP Testing Prep Tutorial (TSI/ACT/SAT/etc): Tuesdays
    4. Cougar HELP Social Studies Tutorial: Wednesdays
    5. Cougar HELP Math Tutorial: Thursdays
    6. Cougar HELP Spanish Tutorial: Thursdays
  1. When is Cougar HELP?
    1. Mondays - Thursdays after school from 5:00pm - 6:30 pm
  2. Where is Cougar HELP?
    1. Cougar HELP will be entirely WebEx Teams based.
  3. Who is supporting Cougar HELP?
    1. The Cougar HELP Administrator is: Kimberly Coy. You can email her at
    2. The Cougar HELP Tutors will all be certified teachers who can support you in the subjects you sign up for.
  1. Who can attend?
    1. All TCHS students are eligible to attend (In-Person, Virtual, and Virtual Plus students)
  1. How do I sign up for Cougar HELP?
    1. You will need to complete the Cougar HELP Google Form sign up.
      1. You can use the link:
      2. Or you can use this QR Code: