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Event Expectations

We appreciate our community response in the beginning of our fall activities during the pandemic.   We want to provide all of our community this important information in terms of health expectations at all TCHS events this year:

  1. Social Distancing—At all events, social distancing is required in the stands, auditorium, or other venues both home and away.  We do want families to be able to sit together, but we appreciate families then staying six feet distanced from other families.  At events where student sections are available, students will sit/stand on marked spaces that are distanced.  Additionally, seating is every other row, with designation by signs at the entry of each row.
  2. Football Student Section—At TCHS football games this fall, there will be seating for 100 seniors on a first come basis to buy tickets for the game.  All other students attending will be required to sit with a parent.   For all sports in the gymnasiums, there are 50 reserved student seats on social distanced spots, and all other students must sit with a parent.
  3. Masks—A reminder, masks are required at all times at events, both inside and outside.  Fans will be required to wear masks until they exit the TCHS property.
  4. Entry and Exit—While in the pandemic, we cannot allow congregating in venues.  We do need all families to enter right to their seats and then after the event to immediately exit the premises.  I know this is far different from what we enjoy, but we must stay in compliance with health guidance as we navigate the pandemic.
  5. Concessions—We are happy to deliver concessions at events in a safe fashion.  We have implemented protocols in all areas with regard to pre-packaged food, sanitation, and safety procedures with workers and in the concession area.  All concession surfaces and counters are sanitized every 15 minutes at an event for the safety of all parties. Additionally, designated marks are placed six feet apart in waiting areas of concession stands, and we do ask guests to honor each other’s safety by following these marked spaces.   
  6. Eating Concession Items—Whereas we know fans will need to lower their masks to eat/drink a concession item, we do ask guests to protect the health of themselves and others by limiting how long theirs masks are lowered.
  7. Ticket Sales—Tickets are sold prior to events this year.  There are no ticket sales at the gate, so please get your tickets early.  Please remember, all students except for the 100 seniors at football games who sit in the students section, must enter, sit, and exit with their parents at all events.   Additionally, to keep within social distancing guidelines, parents will not be allowed to have students outside of their family sit with them at events.