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Things you need to know:  

  • If a student comes from tutorials to ride the late bus they must (a) have a pass from a teacher, and (b) be in Cougar HELP by 4:30.
  • Cougar HELP is a great place for students collaborating on a project to meet up and work together
  • Cougar HELP is also a great place for study groups to meet and work together.
  • If a student just wants a quiet place to work on their homework (even if they don’t need any teacher support), Cougar HELP works for that too.
  • Students in extra-curricular/club activities after school cannot ride the late bus.  
  • Cougar HELP will be M-Th from 3:45 to 5:15.
  • Math & English will be M-Th
  • Science will be M & W
  • Social Studies will be T & Th