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2019 FMHS Senior Spotlight

2019 Senior Spotlight on Navy

2019 Graduation Information

Please join us for Flower Mound High School (FMHS)'s graduation Saturday, May 25, 2019, at 6 p.m. in the University of North Texas Coliseum. See UNT's Clear-Bag Policy here.

If you are unable to attend graduation, it is streamed in its entirety online! 

Click here for more information.


Seniors and families are invited to share graduation day photos and videos with the Lewisville ISD (LISD) community by using the hashtag "#LISDgrads" on their social media accounts.

This opportunity allows others to celebrate the wonderful accomplishment of graduation along with you. We are proud of you, #LISDgrads!

FMHS Valedictorian and Salutatorian

FMHS-2019 Valedictorian Mukhil Seralaathan

Valedictorian Mukhil Seralaathan

Father’s name: Seralaathan Hariharesan
Mother’s name: Lakshmi Seralaathan

Where do you plan to attend college?
The University of Texas at Austin

What do you plan to major in, and what are your career plans?
I plan to major in Biology while studying on a pre-medicine track. In the future, I’m considering becoming a physician or a surgeon.

What school activities have you been involved in?
Band, Math Mentors, National Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta and Science National Honor Society. 

What teacher impacted you the most and how?
Russell Yeatts is one of the best Calculus teachers a student could ask for. With a perfect understanding of the subject, he can adapt his teaching to suit any learning style. His love for the course shines through, teaching us concepts that deepen our understanding of Calculus, even if the AP exam doesn’t require these concepts. Quiet, yet impactful, he has made me a better student, mathematician, and teacher.

What are your favorite memories of school?
Band has given me several unforgettable school trips. State marching championships and All-State in San Antonio, Grand Nationals in Indianapolis, the Rose Parade in Pasadena; each trip brought new experiences and strengthened friendships. Of course, I can’t leave out the excitement of daily hacky sack in Physics C.

What is the most interesting school project/assignment you have done?
The Paper Crane Competition pushed my Physics 1 knowledge to the limit. Rather than crafting origami birds, we were tasked with creating a free-standing construction crane made of only printer paper and tape that could balance 50 grams with a 200-gram counterweight, all within a single class period. Optimizing between stability, height, and length forced me to form innovative solutions to the constant onslaught of failures.

What advice do you have for future high school graduates?
Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Resources for your success are all around you, waiting to be accessed. I’ve never had a teacher or friend turn down a student asking for tutoring. This applies beyond academics. Life is difficult, and when you need advice or just a shoulder to lean on, there will definitely be someone for you. You just need to muster up the courage to ask for it. 

FMHS 2019 Salutatorian Henry Liu

Salutatorian Henry Liu

Father’s Name: Wei Liu
Mother’s Name: Julie Yang

Where do you plan to attend college?
The University of Texas at Austin

What do you plan to major in, and what are your career plans?
I plan to major in computer science and hope to pursue a career at a technology firm.

What school activities have you been involved in?
I am a squad leader in band and also team captain of one of our school’s VEX Robotics teams. This past year I was also president of National Honor Society and vice president of Mu Alpha Theta. I am also involved in Science National Honor Society and English Honor Society.

What teacher impacted you the most and how? 
All of my teachers have always been incredibly supportive and helpful, and I cannot thank them enough for what they have taught me in and out of the classroom. If I had to pick one, I would say my physics teacher Mr. Dave Parsons, who truly brought out the fun in exploring science. His passion and excitement for what he teaches is evident and he always finds a creative way to make learning interesting.

What are your favorite memories of school? 
My favorite memories are probably from the multiple band trips we had throughout the years, where I not only had a great time hanging out with friends but also exploring new places and meeting new people.

What is the most interesting school project/assignment you have done?
The most interesting school project I have done was my end-of-year project in AP Physics II. We were given much personal freedom in pursuing the type of project we wanted to complete, and I chose to build a custom MIDI controller. The project provided insights into computer modeling, 3D printing, and electrical work, and was very fulfilling to finally complete.

What advice do you have for future high school graduates?
Find something you love to do and stick with it, whether it be an activity, sport, or hobby. Always try your hardest and put in work that makes yourself proud.

FMHS Top 10

FMHS students 3 and 4

3. Jibran Khalil | The University of Texas at Austin | Computer Science
4. Aditya Ojha | The University of Texas at Austin | Biomedical Engineering

fmhs students 5 and 6

5. Vaibhav Gaddam | The University of Texas at Austin | Business
6. Devon Noel Regal | University of Michigan | Political Science & Public Policy

fmhs students 7 and 8

7. Shreya Sakthisai Kumaran | The University of Texas at Austin | Business 
8. Nathanael Ryan Villalon | Baylor University | Biochemistry

fmhs students 9 and 10

9. Jennifer Hyun-Ji Park | Boston University | Behavioral Biology
10. Justin Ji-Woo Chae | Princeton University | Mechanical Engineering

FMHS Senior Superlatives

best dressed

Best Dressed | Lauren Frazier and Will Cao

most likely to be president

Most Likely to be President | Anna Glowski and Kelric Walton

most talented

Most Talented | Maddie Hett and Matthew Black

most althletic

Most Likely to be a Pro Athlete | Whitney Cox and Alex Maier

Start a non-profit

Most Likely to Start a Non-Profit | Maddie Carlock and Jake Farris

most spirited

Most Spirited | MaKenna McGraw and Zack Lovell

Class clowns

Class Clowns | Faith Kuria and Jake Magee

Likely to be millionaires

Most Likely to be a Millionaire | Anish Gowda and Tony Yang

fmhs mr and ms

Mr. and Ms. FMHS | Kelric Walton and MaKenna McGraw

Collegiate Athletes

Throughout the 2018-2019 school year, many student-athletes signed letters of intent or committed to play collegiate sports. According to LISD's Athletics Department, the following students signed letters of intent or committed to play at the next level:


Taegan Graham | Tarleton State University

Matt Marlow | Regis University
Austin Wallace | University of Texas at Austin

Whitney Cox | Lubbock Christian University

Cross Country/Track and Field
Coby Davis | Texas Southern University
Taysia Davis | Brigham Young University
Alexander Maier | Oklahoma State University
Ethan Watson | Angelo State University

Catherine Shurtleff | TCU

Collin Alves |Truman State University
Riley Strey | Hendrix College
Jake Springfield | Oklahoma State University (Preferred Walk-On)
Chance Hill | Stephen F. Austin University
Josh Plaster | Arizona State University (Preferred Walk-On)

Lauren Christl | University of Texas at Tyler
Kate Dishman | Stephen F. Austin University
Piper Frisbie | Texas Wesleyan University 
Tyler Kenyon | Midwestern State University
Daniel Shofner | University of Texas at Dallas
Andrew Zobal | St. Edwards University

Anna Caccamo | University of Texas at Tyler
Parker George | Wartburg College
Abbi Guerrero | Eastern New Mexico State University
Samantha Hanking | Northwestern State University
Caitlin Jenkins | University of Texas at Dallas
Makenna McGraw | Mississippi College
Shane Popieluch | University of Texas at Tyler

Bailey Brenek | Midwestern State University
Kelleigh Brooks | McMurray University
Maddie Carlock | Florida Atlantic University
Michelle Hollon | St. Louis College of Pharmacy
Kendall Jennings | The University of Alabama at Birmingham 

Abby Butler | University of Oklahoma
Gabby White | University of Texas at Arlington
Emily Merrick | University of Tennessee 

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