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FMHS District Swim Results

January 22, 2019

FMHS Swim and Dive placed 2nd on both the girls and boys side and 2nd overall as a team at the District Meet.

Girls 200 Medley Relay: 2nd Place- Brooke Dalbey, Jenna Watson, Riley Edmundson Maggie Gholston (Region Qualifier)

Boys 200 Medley Relay: 2nd Place- Jacob Dix, Adrian Wong, Leran Chang, Rylan Lantz (Region Qualifier)

Girls 200 Freestyle: Jasmine Weiland (3rd) and Kendall Harwell (4th) both qualified for Regions, Allison Reed (7th) placed

Boys 200 Freestyle: Jacob Dix (1st) and Aidan Clark (6th) qualified for regions

Girls 200 Individual Medley: Jenna Watson (2nd), Julia Wozniak (4th), Riley Edmundson (6th) all qualified for Regions and Stephanie Panczyszyn (8th) placed

Boys 200 Individual Medley: Raul Santos (3rd) and Leran Chang (6th) qualified for Regions

Girls 50 Freestyle: Maggie Gholston (2nd), Brooke Dalbey (4th) Chloe Archer (5th) all qualified for Regions

Boys 50 Freestyle: Rylan Lantz (3rd), Brady Andrews (6th) qualified for regions and Max Wade (8th) placed

Girls Diving: Kayla Wilson (4th) and Kamryn Wong (5th) qualified for Regions and Kamryn Bordges placed

Girls 100 Butterfly: Riley Edmundson (2nd) qualified for Regions and Madison Ebel (7th) placed

Boys 100 Butterfly: Leran Chang (6th) qualified for regions, Adrian Wong (7th) placed

Girls 100 Freestyle: Maggie Gholston (2nd) and Chloe Archer (4th) qualified for Regions

Boys 100 Freestyle: Brady Andrews (5th) qualified for regions and Billy Zhao (7th) placed

Girls 500 Freestyle: Brooke Dalbey (3rd) and Jasmine Weiland (4th) qualified for regions and Emmani Kularatna (7th) and Nicole Metzger (8th) placed

Boys 500 Freestyle: Raul Santos (4th) qualified for regions and Aidan Clark (7th) and Ben No (8th) placed

Girls 200 Freestyle Relay: 2nd- Maggie Gholston, Jenna Watson, Julia Wozniak and Chloe Archer

Boys 200 Freestyle Relay: 2nd- Brady Andrews, Rylan Lantz, Max Wade and Adrian Wong

Girls 100 Backstroke: Kendall Harwell (2nd), Allison Reed (5th) and Stephanie Pancyzsyn (6th) qualified for Regions

Boys 100 Backstroke: Jacob Dix (2nd), Billy Zhao (4th) and Andrew Leih (6th) all qualified for regions

Girls 100 Breaststroke: Jenna Watson (1st) and Julia Wozniak (3rd) qualified for Regions

Boys 100 Breaststroke: Adrian Wong (1st) and Rylan Lantz (7th) qualified for Regions

Girls 400 Free Relay: 2nd- Brooke Dalbey, Kendal Harwell, Chloe Archer and Jasmine Weiland

Boys 400 Free Relay: 2nd- Raul Santos, Aidan Clark, Leran Chang, Jacob Dix


Region prelims will be Friday February 1st and Finals Saturday February 2nd.