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FMHS Academic Decathlon team wins the LISD Academic Decathlon Meet

December 17, 2018

The FMHS Academic Decathlon team won the LISD Academic Decathlon meet on Saturday at The Colony High School.  The following students earned individual medals:

“Honors” category: 

Michelle Sun—silver in Economics, bronze in Math, 5th overall

Ryan Lee—bronze in Math and Art, and 8th overall

Pranav Kasturi—bronze in Economics and 9th overall

Shreya Lingam—bronze in Economics

“Scholastic” category:

Chuk Uzowihe—silver in Literature, gold in Math, Music, Economics, Science, and Art, and 1st overall

Sanaa Ahmed— bronze in Music, Science, Art, and Social Science, silver in Economics, gold in Literature, and 2nd overall

Austin Seo—bronze in Math and Economics, and 6th overall

Faith Tshiyoyo—gold in Social Science

“Varsity” category:

Rishit Podder—bronze in Literature, silver in Art, gold in Math, Music, Economics, Science, and Social Science, and 1st overall

Ryan Godard—bronze in Social Science, silver in Economics, and 7th overall

Amogh Gokhale—bronze in Math, gold in Literature, and 8th overall

Safwat Khan—silver in Art

 Decathlon Team