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FMHS First Tech Challenge teams have record weekend at regionals

For the second straight year, FMHS is the top-ranked robotics school for UIL in North Texas.

Over the course of the past three weekends, six robotics teams from Flower Mound High School’s First Tech Challenge took part in a League Tournament, Semi-Regionals, and a Last Call Qualifiers where they won numerous games and earned multiple awards. For the first time, three teams from FMHS qualified for North Texas Regionals this year and also earned the chance to compete at the Texas FTC State Championship. The tournament featured the top 40 teams out of around 175 North Texas teams.

At the Semi-Regionals, Team 12791 secured the Inspire Award while at the League Tournament, Team 21932 emerged as the winning alliance team. Additionally, Team 21813 captained the winning alliance at the Last Call Qualifier hosted by FMHS.

Of the three teams, two teams advanced to State. Congratulations teams Iterative Intentions and Forged in Iron. For the second straight year, FMHS is the top-ranked robotics school for UIL in North Texas.

Here are the awards / wins by FMHS FTC teams so far this season:

North-Texas Regional Championship

Finalist Alliance Captain - Team 12791, Iterative Intentions

Inspire 2nd - Team 12791, Iterative Intentions

Top ranked UIL team in North Texas - Team 12791, Iterative Intentions

Dean's List Finalist - Shrest Das, Team 12791, Iterative Intentions



Inspire 1st - Team 12791, Iterative Intentions

Think 2nd - Team 12791, Iterative Intentions


League Tournament

Winning Alliance - Team 21932

Connect Award - Team 12791
Inspire 3rd - Team Pro2Type
Judges Choice - Team Error 422

Inspire 1st - Team 12791

Think 2nd - Team 12791

Last-Call Qualifier
Inspire 1st - Team Pro2type
Winning Alliance - Team Pro2type
Winning Alliance - Team Metal Manipulators


FMHS FTC 2023_1

FMHS FTC 2023_2

FMHS FTC 2023_3