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Ipad Password Update

ALL students need to change thier passwords on student ipad by August 31st. 

  • New student password complexity requirements:
    • 6th – 12th = 8 characters minimum length PLUS complexity requirements identical to staff password policy (3 of 4: upper case, lower case, number, symbol)
  • Please use the Password Reset Web Site ( to change studnet password 24/7 from home or any other location with internet access  This can be done on the iPad as well. 
  • Do not wait! After the “forced password change flag” is set (per dates listed above), students will NOT be able to use the Password Reset Service to change their password. They will have to login on a Windows or Mac device (not iPad) and should get prompted to change their password. Otherwise, they will need the assistance of a campus tech or the Technology Helpdesk.