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No More Zeros!

Would you like to know immediately if your child did not turn in their homework?

Many parents say that they do not find out about missing homework until the zero is posted.

In order to reduce the amount of zeros, have implemented ZAP(Zeros Are Preventable) program. 

If a student does not turn in an assignment, they will use a QR reader, from their ipad, to activate a Google form. On the form, the student will fill out information about the assignment and send an email to their parent. So parents will know right away if the assignment has not been turned in to the teacher.

The student will be assigned "ZAP Time" after school the next day, in the library, to complete the assignment.  This will prevent the grade from becoming a zero. Students can always turn it in before they go to "ZAP Time". 

Our goal with this program is to reduce the amount of zeros, and help students become more successful.