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“Culturally U-Knighted” Multicultural Event

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McKamy PTA’s “Culturally U-Knighted” Multicultural Event is on Thursday, February 27th, 6:30-8:00pm. McKamy students will perform on stage and will present class projects at this event. McKamy has families from all over the world represented at our school (from Argentina to France to Kenya to Australia). You will have an opportunity to share your culture by hosting a table with items displayed from your country (eg. money, food, textiles, tri-fold board with photos of sports, animals, country's flag, map, etc.). When guests visit your table they can learn about your country and if they have any questions, you will be there to answer them.  

Link to audition to perform during the event ->

Families can Sign Up for McKamy PTA’s “Culturally U-Knighted” Event HERE

Culturally U-Knighted Picture